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This 34-year-old woman had a range of complaints about the appearance of her nose. She had long wanted to address her nasal appearance and after much reflection and research on the topic she finally worked up the nerve to take the plunge! From the profile view she was especially bothered by her high dorsal hump. Additionally, the tip of her nose was projected too far forward and that it tipped down when she smiled. Finally, she didn’t like that her septum was drooping down, what rhinoplasty surgeons call excessive columellar show. On her frontal view the nose was curved, her tip was bulbous, and the bones of her nasal hump were poking out in an angular fashion. The “nose up” view shows the irregularity and twisting of the nasal base. The nose down view gives another vantage point on the twisted and bulbous nasal tip.

Basal View

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