Tear Trough Correction

face8Tear trough deformity (sometimes referred to as: dark circles under eyes, under-eye hollows, or hereditary dark circles) is a very common cosmetic complaint. Happily there is a fairly effective non-surgical approach to improving this issue. When the area under the eyes is dark, hollow, or drooping it can substantially impact the appearance of the face. Under-eye hollowness can be due to a number of different factors, including genetics, allergies, or aging. In order to correct tear trough deformity, I inject hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane® underneath the eyes to fill in hollowness and reduce darkness. Tear trough correction can offer a wonderful non-surgical solution to a tired, weary and aged appearance by restoring lost volume, getting rid of the under-eye dark circles, and rejuvenating the tear trough area.

Dr. Leong did an impeccable job correcting my tear troughs without surgery. He has a nuanced understanding of facial structure. And his conservative methods coupled with his obvious skill make for a truly natural and beautiful result. I will continue to see Dr. Leong for my facial needs as long as possible.

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How long does Tear Trough correction take and how long does it last?

I perform all Tear Trough injections and wrinkle filler injections in our Pittsburgh, Wexford, Sewickley, or Greensburg office. Treatment typically only takes about 20 minutes and usually lasts about 12 months.

Facial motion speeds the absorption of the dermal fillers that are injected into the face. Fortunately, motion in the tear trough or under-eye area is quite minimal, so I find that the tear trough correction lasts longer in this area than most other areas of the face.

Is Tear Trough treatment painful?

You may experience a slight pinch sensation when lidocaine with epinephrine is administered to numb the area, but this is brief. After this injection, I puncture the skin with a needle to create a small hole and then precisely inject the filler (typically either Restylane® – a hyaluronic acid filler) under the eyes using a microcannula. I find that Restylane® is the best filler for under the eye because its characteristics are well suited to this area with delicate anatomy and thin skin. A microcannula is a blunt-tip needle that helps to accurately administer filler with less pain, trauma and a reduced chance of bruising. Since the area under the eyes is such a thin, delicate region the chance of bruising can be quite high without a microcannula. To reduce bruising, it also helps to stay away from any medications or vitamins that could thin the blood, such as Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ibuprofen, or Aspirin.

Who is a good candidate for Tear Trough Correction or eye treatment for dark circles?

Any man or woman over the age of 18 years old who has darkness, hollowness or drooping under the eyes or in the cheeks can be a good candidate for Tear Trough Correction.

What is the recovery time after Tear Trough Correction?

You may be a little red, swollen or bruised immediately following treatment, but this typically resolves within a few days. Many of my patients have little or no swelling and bruising and can immediately resume their professional and social activities.

Are there other alternative treatment options to correct Tear Trough deformity?

Yes, there are other solutions to correct Tear Trough deformity other than under-eye fillers. Fat injections and lower eyelid surgery also can address under eye darkness, puffiness or hollowness and can last longer than filler injections. As with all decisions between surgical and non-surgical alternatives in facial plastic surgery, there are various pros and cons depending on the individual patient anatomy, Since all of these surgical procedures are done in the hospital (either Sewickley Valley Hospital or West Penn Hospital), an operating room fee and an anesthesia fee would be required.

What is the cost of Tear Trough Correction in Pittsburgh?

Pricing for tear trough correction can fluctuate depending on the patient’s geographic region as well as the injector’s experience level. The average cost of tear trough correction in Pittsburgh ranges from $700-$1100. Pricing will also depend on how deep the troughs are and how many syringes of dermal filler is needed. Dr. Leong and his staff will assess each patient during their detailed consultation.

What should I look for when researching Tear Trough injectors?

I recommend Tear Trough treatment by a board certified facial plastic, plastic surgeon or dermatologist with excellent credentials, significant experience and quality patient reviews. Reviewing previous tear trough filler before and after pictures from your chosen physician will give you valuable insight into the kind of results your physician is capable of. You should feel comfortable with your doctor and be able to easily express your concerns and goals.

I am extremely pleased with Dr. Leong and the outstanding results from my surgery. His work is undetectable and totally natural. He devoted a considerable amount of time to me before, during and after my surgery. He established not just a professional but a personal rapport with me.

Review from Vitals.com