Facial Implants

face15Facial implants can be used to contour, augment and enhance areas of the face lacking definition or character. With the right size and placement, facial implants can restore the proportion and symmetry of the face, while enhancing attractive features. Common areas where facial implants are often inserted include the chin (which can often blend in with the neck), cheeks (which can appear hollow) and jawline (which can lack definition). Chin implants are often performed in combination with a facelift or rhinoplasty surgery to address a small chin.

Some of the most attractive people have pronounced jawlines, projected chins, and full, defined cheeks. It is rumored that blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe had a chin implant in 1950, but this is highly debated due to her natural looking appearance. In addition to enhancing facial features, facial implants can be inserted with the goal of making other facial features appear less prominent (for example: augmenting a chin may make the nose appear smaller). Facial implants can also be implanted for a more youthful and rejuvenated look or to correct facial deformities formed at birth or from injury. Many men are interested in facial implants to subtly enhance the masculinity of the face with a somewhat more angular flavor.


A good patient/doctor relationship is the foundation for a great surgical result. I take pride in meeting with all my surgical patients’ one on one to provide them with honest, realistic expectations. At Sistine Plastic Surgery, we believe in transparency and will only perform procedures if we feel that it would be beneficial towards the patient and worth their time, effort and money.

Who is a good candidate for facial implants?

A good candidate may be a man or woman (both young and old) with a weak chin, jawline or cheeks, looking for a long lasting or permanent augmentation. During a consultation, I will determine a treatment plan that works best for your facial profile and your specific needs. The goal is not to make you look unrecognizable or like someone else, but to improve your facial features.

Are Facial Implants safe?

Facial implants have been used throughout the last century, but have significantly increased in popularity in the last few decades. The material that makes up facial implants is biocompatible, which means it is less likely to be rejected by the body. With the right surgeon and careful precautions taken during surgery, facial implant surgery is a relatively safe and straight forward procedure. However no surgery is without risks. Rare complications associated with facial implants include moving of the implant over time and infections involving the implant. These will be talked about in detail during your consultation.

What to Expect the Day of Facial Implant Surgery

You will be made comfortable prior to the procedure with local or general anesthesia. The surgical technique for implant surgery varies depending on the area of the face being addressed. Chin implants – the incision occurs along the inside lower lip or beneath the chin (I typically make the incision beneath the chin). Jaw implants – the incision is made on the inside of the lower lip. Cheek implants – an incision is made in the mouth or laterally on the lower eyelid. However, if you are having another surgery in addition to an implant surgery, placement of the incision may differ. The size of your implant is carefully selected prior to surgery, depending upon the size and characteristics of your face and the goal you are hoping to achieve. Surgery can take up to two hours depending on each patient and will be performed on an outpatient basis at either Sewickley Valley Hospital, St. Clair Hospital or West Penn Hospital. In addition to facial implant surgery, you may be an excellent candidate for other procedures such as Rhinoplasty surgery, facial filler injections, or Botox® Cosmetic/Dysport® injections.

What to Expect After Surgery

You will be able to see an immediate difference after surgery, but the true results can be seen once swelling and bruising dissipates. Swelling and bruising typically lasts around two weeks. It is important to refrain from physical exercise and to adhere to all post op instructions. A follow up appointment will be made to discuss your progress and compare you’re before and after facial implants pictures.

What is the cost of Facial Implants in Pittsburgh?

Facial implant pricing can fluctuate based on the area of the face the implant is being inserted, the price of the actual implant, the physician’s expertise, and the region the surgery practice is located in. The cost for facial implants in Pittsburgh range from $3,000 to $5,000. The Sistine Team will discuss pricing details during your thorough consultation with Dr. Leong. Please call the office at 412-621-3223 for any additional questions.


Since the facial implants I insert are for cosmetic purposes, we do not accept insurance; however we accept cash, check, care credit and all major credit cards.

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