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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a common surgical procedure, but sadly, is not always performed well. Many people hesitate to undergo this surgery as they are concerned that the result will leave them looking wide-eyed or unnatural. When you are treated by Dr. Paul Leong from Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, you can be confident that your eyelid surgery is being performed by a surgeon who is arguably one of the finest surgeons practicing in the country.

Honesty, transparency, and results of the highest quality: Dr. Leong

Dr. Leong performs a limited number of surgical and non-surgical procedures, all of an exceptional level of quality, including eyelid surgery. His commitment to total transparency and honesty means he will tell you if you are ready for eyelid surgery, or if an injectable treatment may be the best option, in which case you should wait several years for surgery. Some people can achieve the changes they envision with dermal fillers to smooth visible tear troughs. You can trust that Dr. Leong, along with his team of medical professionals, focuses on what is best for you and is never driven by any other motive.

Skin pinch

Another excellent eye rejuvenation treatment is called “skin pinch.” This treatment preserves the delicate undereye skin. Excess skin beneath your eye is pulled away with a forcep and then removed with precision. The incision site is then closed with tiny dissolvable stitches. This less complex undereye surgery is often performed in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery to achieve a more comprehensive degree of facial rejuvenation.

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