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When performing African American rhinoplasty, the natural beauty of your heritage must be honored and maintained, while creating a more defined, sculpted look. With the help of Dr. Paul Leong, nationally acclaimed facial plastic surgeon, you can be confident that your nose surgery will enhance your facial appearance with subtle changes to create greater balance.

How is an African American rhinoplasty different?

Those of African American heritage may have the following difference in skin and nose structure:

  • Wider nose
  • Shorter nose
  • More prominent columella (strip of cartilage between nostrils)
  • A unique angle between nose and lip structure
  • Thicker skin and tissue at nose and face
  • Wider nasal tip
  • Wider and longer nostril structure
African-American Rhinoplasty

A custom African American rhinoplasty: It matters

When coming to the decision that you want to alter your nose appearance, the most critical points in a successful treatment are the experience, knowledge, and skills of your plastic surgeon. Achieving a more harmonious structure while maintaining the most attractive aspects of your heritage requires real surgical expertise. Dr. Paul Leong is a highly respected facial plastic surgeon, known for his ability to create an exceptionally balanced, natural look with African American rhinoplasty. So much so that patients come to him for this custom surgery from across the country.

Why choose Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery for African American Rhinoplasty?

When you come to Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, you will be under the care of a facial plastic surgeon who is nationally acclaimed and a leader in his field. Dr. Leong is a double board-certified facial surgeon, and a recognized authority on the most advanced techniques, including African American rhinoplasty. These surgeries require high-level skills and experience. His world-class training and his perfectionist approach have resulted in his reputation for excellence.

The creation of facial balance in African American nose surgery: Dr. Leong

Your nose shape is determined by the shape and size of the bones, cartilage and the thickness of the overlying skin. In an African American nose structure, each of these factors must be addressed with a focus on facial balance and symmetry while honoring the beauty of African American features. You can trust Dr. Leong to address your surgery with leading-edge techniques and artistry to achieve the most appealing, natural-looking balance.

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