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Rhinoplasty is a very elegant and complicated surgery that can provide tremendous functional and cosmetic benefits to the patient. Pittsburgh Rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Paul Leong, has a special focus on rhinoplasty in his practice; he is a highly specialized in the area of cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty surgery. He understands that for a rhinoplasty to be successful it must achieve the patient’s cosmetic goals, but it must also result in a nose that is easy to breathe through. Outstanding nasal function is never sacrificed in the pursuit of cosmetic improvement.

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The combination of Dr. Leong’s world-class training, his years of rhinoplasty experience and his obsessive attention to detail allow him to deliver outstanding results

The following will give you some additional information on Rhinoplasty Surgery. If you would like to schedule a consultation to talk about this procedure, please contact Sistine Plastic Surgery.

About the Rhinoplasty Procedure

The shape and contour of the nose is determined by the bone, cartilage, and the overlying skin. The challenge of rhinoplasty is that there are an infinite number of variations of how the bone, cartilage, and skin can interact to produce each individual’s distinctive nose. The skilled rhinoplasty surgeon must have the experience and training to respond to all of these variations.

Several decades ago, rhinoplasty surgeons often had a very set idea as to how a nose should look. Plastic surgeons would simply execute a similar series of steps to produce a fairly standard look. Dr. Leong does not believe that rhinoplasty should result in a standard or formulaic appearance. Instead, each of Dr. Leong’s Pittsburgh patients is evaluated as an individual. Everyone has unique facial features and the nose should fit in harmoniously with the rest of the face and at the same time sustain functional nasal breathing. Dr. Leong is highly specialized in Nasal Surgery due to the extensive training he received as an Otolaryngologist before becoming a Facial Plastic Surgeon. During surgery, he believes in maintaining as much as the patient’s bone and cartilage as possible, to maintain a natural and aesthetically pleasing result. Too much manipulation of the nasal tissue can lead to an operated and unnatural look. Dr. Leong is often asked to perform revision rhinoplasty surgeries on patients who have had too much bone or cartilage removed from the nose. In this case, he will often use cartilage from the ribs, ears or septum to replenish and reconstruct the nose. This can improve a collapsed appearance and improve functionality.

Rhinoplasty surgery is sometimes performed for strictly functional reasons – in other words, to improve the ability of the patient to breathe through the nose. These patients do not desire any changes in the appearance of their nose and if there is clear evidence of significant difficulty with nasal breathing, the patient’s insurance may cover the cost of the procedure. These surgeries frequently include procedures to straighten the septum and reduce the size of structures inside the nose that can obstruct nasal breathing (the inferior turbinates).

I after many years of wanting to have a “nose job” finally took the plunge and did what I wanted to do. I did my research and scheduled consultations with a few qualified surgeons and when I met Dr. Leong for the first time I knew that he would be the physician performing Rhinoplasty on me. I was 100% confident with my decision and I couldn’t have made a better choice.
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Rhinoplasty Options

Many rhinoplasty surgeons have very strong feelings that rhinoplasty should be done either closed (with all incisions within the nose) or open (with a small incision across the columella – the skin between the nostrils). Dr. Leong has been fully trained to approach the nose using either of these two methods. Rather than religiously adhering to one approach or the other, Dr. Leong feels it is more appropriate to evaluate each patient individually. Because every nose comes in a different shape and size, one patient may have a better result with an opened approach, while another would benefit from a closed approach. One benefit of the closed approach is that that there is no external excision. However this small surgical scar often heals so well that it is barely noticeable.

During your consultation with Dr. Leong, he will take the time required to review all of the details of the surgery. You will have ample opportunity to review a large volume of before and after pictures (in addition to the ones in the before and after section this site). Dr. Leong is also happy to put you in touch with a large number of his previous patients if you would like to discuss their personal rhinoplasty experience. Dr. Leong appreciates how important rhinoplasty surgery is to his patients and wants you to have all of the information to make the best possible decision.

What is a Tip Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery differs from patient to patient based on his or her cosmetic needs and goals. With the guidance of Pittsburgh facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Leong, patients can opt for either a Full Rhinoplasty or Tip Rhinoplasty. Patients who wish to undergo a Tip Rhinoplasty alone are more concerned with the appearance of their tip. There are a range of characteristics of the nasal tip that might make it objectionable to the patients. For example, some patients may feel that the tip may slope down to sharply. This inclination of the tip can be corrected by “rotating” the nasal tip. The goals of a Tip Rhinoplasty patient differ from those of a Full Rhinoplasty patient in that they are usually only interested in refining the size, shape, or rotation, of their bulbous tip. During your consultation with Dr. Leong, he will discuss in detail your options and whether your focus should be on the tip alone versus the nose in total.

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For more information on Rhinoplasty surgery or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Leong to talk more about your options, please contact Sistine Plastic Surgery today.

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