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At Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, we take a comprehensive approach to nose reshaping surgery. Dr. Leong is a consummate professional in this delicate, difficult facial surgery. He is board-certified both in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology, face and neck surgery. Beyond his exceptional qualifications, he has an eye for facial balance and a reputation for excellence in nose surgery.

High-quality results and total transparency. It is all about you.

He and his team are never driven to advise nose surgery if another alternative is available; you may be a candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty. You can be confident that Dr. Leong will be honest and open, as he has no ulterior motives or a need to push you to undergo a procedure. His approach is patient-centered, geared to achieve superior results. He performs a limited number of surgical and non-surgical procedures, each with exceptional skill and talent for outstanding outcomes

Primary nose surgery

You may have waited years before deciding to undergo rhinoplasty to correct some aspect of your nose shape that is displeasing or out of balance. Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult of all facial surgeries and must be performed with the most advanced techniques. Dr. Leong is often called upon to perform revision surgeries to correct problems associated with primary nose surgery. He has seen all the ways a poorly performed rhinoplasty can go wrong, even the entire nose structure collapsing, due to a surgeon failing to ensure that the nose structure was adequately supported.

Dr. Leong performs strictly custom nose surgeries, with every detail of how the surgery will proceed determined well in advance. He values communication with his patients and works closely with each individual to ensure he fully understands what they hope to achieve. He never rushes the process and dedicates the time needed to ensure the surgery is performed with meticulous care.

Asian nose surgery

The Asian facial structure has certain factors common to many Asian people, such as a flatter bridge, shorter nose, a rounder, broader tip, and often, wider nostrils. While all people are unique in their facial structure, revising the Asian nose requires a thorough understanding of facial balance and harmony. Dr. Leong is often called upon to perform custom Asian nose surgeries to create a refined nose structure that appears entirely natural in appearance – a true enhancement.

African American nose surgery

The African American nose comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but as an ethnic feature, it can be wider, rounder, and broader. All aspects of the nose structure are slightly different, including the thickness of skin and tissue, the higher likelihood of visible scarring, and the type of tissue beneath the skin. When performing African American nose surgery, Dr. Leong focuses on creating the perfect balance for the features that enhance – and honor – your ethnic background in a very subtle and appealing way.

Male nose surgery

Females naturally have thinner skin, a smaller nose, and more defined features. When performing male nose surgery, you must have your nose reshaping performed by a facial plastic surgeon experienced in performing rhinoplasty for men. Dr. Leong is widely regarded as being one of the most accomplished and talented facial plastic surgeons practicing in the region and understands the subtle differences in male skin, cartilage, and how to achieve a more refined look without losing the masculine appeal of the facial structure.

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