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If you are of Asian heritage and considering creating a more pleasing nose structure, there is no more qualified facial plastic surgeon than Dr. Paul Leong at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery. Patients come to his practice from faraway cities, states, and countries for this custom procedure.

What is different about Asian nose surgery?

Many people with Asian heritage are interested in augmenting the nose bridge structure, rather than reducing it. The skills with which the surgery is performed make a significant difference in outcome; Dr. Leong is known for excellence in this procedure, and for employing the most advanced techniques in Asian rhinoplasty. His results are consistently balanced, harmonious, and subtle.

Asian Rhinoplasty Pittsburgh

Asian nose anatomy

Every ethnic background contributes to the facial structure. For people of Asian background, there are several common characteristics. The nasal bridge is lower, the nose tip is rounder and has less projection than many other ethnic backgrounds, and the base of the nose structure is wider. The facial skin is also thicker than is found in Caucasians. When planning to undergo nose surgery, you want to ensure that your facial plastic surgeon has exceptional skills, understands the Asian features, and is known for achieving superior results in this custom surgery.

Why choose Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery for Asian rhinoplasty?

At Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, your Asian rhinoplasty will be performed by one of the most acclaimed facial plastic surgeons in the USA. Dr. Leong is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and a graduate of Yale. His reputation extends far beyond Pennsylvania.

His qualifications and experience have led to his being selected to perform the oral examination on young plastic surgeons hoping to achieve certification. Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery is a private, luxury clinic, where the professional team offers outstanding skills, personal service, and superior results.

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