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What is photorejuvenation (also called IPL) and what does it do?

Other than the formation of wrinkles and lines, one of the most prevalent signs of aging is the appearance of age or liver spots and vessels. Brown or sun spots can appear after repeated sun exposure or tanning bed use. Photorejuvenation using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) offers a quick and effective non-ablative treatment to eliminate or reduce these dyschromias (ie brown spots) and facial vessels.

Why should patients choose photorejuvenation to improve their appearance?

Some of the most attractive aspects of IPL treatment include the lack of significant downtime and the ability to see results within a short time frame. This is because intense pulsed light is non-ablative, meaning that it only penetrates the dermis and does not vaporize the epidermis (top layer of skin). Whether you are having laser hair removal, stretch mark reduction treatments or IPL treatments, it is vital to find out which device the office has and who will be doing the treatments.

Why choose Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery for IPL (photorejuvenation) treatment?

Experience, training and state of the art equipment are keys to receiving exceptional results. Both our registered medical aesthetician and Dr. Leong himself conveniently perform IPL treatments in our Pittsburgh, Wexford, Sewickley or Greensburg locations. Each treatment is specifically designed for your particular skin type. After each treatment, we reassess your IPL settings and review your results to ensure that you are receiving the best possible outcome. With the right settings and provider, skin tone and texture can be dramatically improved.

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How does IPL treatment work?

Energy from intense pulsed light passes through the skin, targeting areas of pigmentation. If the patient is targeting age spots (sometimes called sun spots or liver spots) this pigment tends to be brown or even black. On the other hand, if the patient is targeting excessive facial vessels, the pigment is the red color in the blood vessels. It is important to note that the Palomar Starlux 500 allows the provider to change the wavelength settings in order to tailor the treatment for the patient’s specific skin type.

This allows for an effective and outstanding treatment result. In order to maintain results, sunscreen should be used on a regular basis and a routine skin care regime should be implemented. If you need guidance regarding a proper skin care regimen, please contact our office at 412.621.3223 for a skin care consultation with our registered nurse and medical aesthetician.

What to expect during photorejuvenation

Before photorejuvenation treatment, numbing cream with lidocaine is applied to the skin to reduce pain (many patients report that they feel a slight stinging or pinch with each pulse). Once the numbing cream has been absorbed into the skin, the IPL handpiece is gently guided along target areas with a cool gel to eradicate brown spots or vessels.

The Palomar Starlux 500 has cooling capabilities that allow for a more comfortable and relaxed treatment. IPL photofacial treatment time can be as little as a few minutes or somewhat longer, depending upon the area of coverage needed. Photorejuvenation recovery is typically minimal. After treatment, you may be a little red and swollen, but this should resolve within a day. You can expect the dark pigments or spots to turn darker and then eventually flake off.

Three IPL photorejuvenation treatments are typically recommended approximately one month apart, but sometimes more treatments are required depending upon the individual’s skin and the specific target area. It is best to stay out of the sun and limit UV exposure for approximately one month before and throughout treatments. The intense pulsed light is attracted to dark pigmentation so when the skin is darker, there is an increased chance of burning or hypopigmentation (the skin turning lighter).

Can I use insurance for IPL treatments?

Unfortunately, photo rejuvenation treatments are generally not covered by insurance and would need to be paid out of pocket.

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