Acne Scarring

face_11As if struggling with acne is not uncomfortable enough, many patients both young and old are left with scarring as a constant reminder of their battle with this skin disease. As many as 80% of people will have acne by the time they reach their teens or twenties. Acne scarring can make you feel self-conscious, insecure and embarrassed. Fortunately, there is help to diminish the negative effects of acne scarring.

Many patients are initially interested in a way to cure acne scars by using a topical treatment. They have often searched for the best cream for acne scars, home remedies for acne scars, or perhaps tried microdermabrasion for acne scars. Frequently, I find that patients have been disappointed in these treatments. In order to have effective acne scar treatment, resurfacing of the skin with an optimal laser resurfacing procedure is often the best approach.

It is important to understand that treating laser scars is distinct from treating active acne. Treating active acne is best addressed by a medical doctor or dermatologist. Laser resurfacing of acne scars is best performed after the active phase of acne infections has subsided.

We now use one of the most advanced laser systems to achieve improvement in acne scars, fine lines, sun damage spots and wrinkles. At Sistine Plastic Surgery®, we use the Cortex™ Fractional CO2 and/or Erbium/Yag Laser to reduce the appearance of acne scars, improve skin texture and restore confidence.

The Cortex™ Fractional CO2 Erbium/Yag Laser can achieve real results and improve acne scars because it truly resurfaces the skin. I feel that this laser strikes an optimal balance between real resurfacing and real results and a manageable downtime. Resurfacing lasers used in the 90s that required many weeks of downtime proved unrealistic for patients because they could not tolerate the extended downtime. On the other hand, many lasers that require minimal or no downtime often resulted in minimal results. I find that Cortex™ Fractional CO2 Erbium/Yag Laser requires around of week of social downtime and delivers results to our patients in Pittsburgh.

Why choose the Cortex™ Fractional CO2 and/or Erbium/Yag Laser?

  • The Cortex™ CO2 Erbrium Yag is a state-of-the-art laser that initiates a natural healing process to accelerate the formation of new, healthy tissue.
  • The Fractional CO2 laser hand piece can be used to infiltrate deep into the tissue, while the Erbium YAG laser treats superficial rejuvenation.
  • The Cortex™ CO2 Erbrium Yag is an ablative laser that works by penetrating thousands of microscopic areas with thermal damage, while leaving surrounding tissue untouched to help with the healing process and decrease recovery time.
  • Laser treatments can result in clearer, smoother, healthier skin.
  • Treatments are customized for each individual patient and are designed to be quick, safe and effective.

What can I expect the day of treatment?

Before treatment at one of our Pittsburgh area offices, possible side effects and post-treatment care will be discussed. Numbing cream with lidocaine will be applied to the treatment areas to increase comfort. This will be left on for 30-40 minutes. Depending on your cosmetic concerns, fractional Co2 and/or the Erbium Yag Laser may be used. Your treatment can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour, depending on the areas being treated and whether you receive Fractional Co2 laser treatment, Erbium laser treatment, or a combination of both CO2 and Erbium laser treatment.

How long does Cortex™ Fractional CO2 and/or Erbium/Yag Laser treatment last?

Results are usually long-lasting. Once the scars have been improved, unless there are further acne episodes to cause new scarring, the improvement should be durable. It is important to maintain and maximize results by properly following post-op instructions and following your prescribed skin care regime.