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If you’re unhappy with your lips, a lip lift in Pittsburgh is the perfect procedure to transform them according to your cosmetic goals. At Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, our exceptional cosmetic surgeon, Paul Leong, MD, examines your lips and discusses your cosmetic expectations to curate the ideal lip lift treatment for you.

It’s your face. Trust it to a specialist.

What is a lip lift?

At Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, we represent transparency and integrity in everything we do. Dr. Leong tells his patients the truth about their upcoming treatment—even if it’s something they don’t want to hear. He is dedicated to his patients’ well-being, and that means ensuring they are fully informed about all factors before undergoing treatment. Additionally, Dr. Leong’s focus is to create natural results, never fake or overdone. Rest assured, when you come to Sistine for treatment, you are walking into an environment of technical excellence and high integrity.

Lip Lift Pittsburgh

What does a lip lift do?

All lip lifts performed by Dr. Leong at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery are customized to your specific needs and expectations. During your initial consultation, Dr. Leong will examine your lips and discuss your goals to mark the treatment's targeted locations. Lip lifts can accomplish:

  • Shortening the distance between the nose and mouth
  • Increasing teeth visibility while smiling
  • Enhancing lip sensuality and fullness
  • Shortening the perceived length of the midface region
  • Providing an upturned cupid’s bow
  • Adding volume to the lips
  • Making thin and white lips look voluminous, youthful and pink
  • Filling out wrinkles and fine lines to reduce their appearance
  • Improving the corners of the lips
  • Enhancing youthfulness
  • Decreasing the need for regular or repeated dermal fillers

Not only was I very happy with my experience, I was thrilled beyond description! How fortunate am I that I landed an appointment with a true professional that excels at what he does? Not only was he prompt but Dr. Leong spent a great deal of time discussing my issues, concerns and goals.

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The results were more than I possibly could’ve hoped for. I had a facelift with Dr. Leong. The results were incredible. I have heard he is the best facelift surgeon in the region and I couldn’t agree more. I would recommend him to anyone.

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What happens during a lip lift procedure?

The lip lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so you don’t feel pain or discomfort. With a custom curated treatment plan in hand from your initial consultation, Dr. Paul Leong will create tiny incisions under your nose in areas that aren’t highly visible. These incisions will be the access point to remove excess skin tissues and raise the upper lips to expose more of the teeth and create a more voluminous appearance. Depending on your specific goals, Dr. Leong may also place incisions in other parts of your mouth to transform the lip’s shape. Most lip lift procedures conclude within an hour, and you can return home soon after the procedure.

What happens after the lip lift procedure?

Your lips will appear swollen and bruised after the lip lift procedure. These symptoms can be mitigated with ice packs and pain medication can be administered as needed. Rest, a healthy diet, and sleeping with your head elevated will facilitate the fastest, glitch-free recovery. You may also be given an ointment to apply to incisions and should see the final results of the treatment in as few as 4 to 6 weeks.

Paul Leong MD FACS

The Facial Specialist

Dr. Leong's education and training in the field of head, face, and neck surgery is extensive. He began by obtaining his medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, and then went on to specialize in this field through seven years of training at the University of Pittsburgh, a top-ranked institution in the field of otolaryngology. He further honed his skills through two fellowships, the first in Advanced Oncologic Surgery of the Head and Neck at the Pittsburgh Medical Center and the second in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Oregon Health Sciences University.

Dr Paul Leong, Lip Lift Specialist

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Leong at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery to learn more about the perfect lip lift. Dr. Leong is a highly reputable and sought after facial cosmetic surgeon who curates each lip lift procedure to his patients’ specific expectations, facial anatomy and cosmetic goals. It’s your face. Trust it to a specialist.

If you wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation for one of the best treatments of lip lift Pittsburgh has to offer.

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