Cheek Lift (Mid Face Lift)

Facial-RejuvenationOne of the most prominent indications of aging is evident in the skin and often starts to occur in our early thirties. As we age, our skin and tissues slowly begin to droop and wrinkles and lines begin to form. Cheeks that were once full and high, begin to sag, loose contour and can appear hollow. A Cheek Lift (Mid face lift) can help restore cheeks to their once previous youthful appearance, reduce cheek folds and lower eyelid bags or hollowness. Often, a patient in need of a rejuvenation in the mid face also needs improvement in the lower face, jowl and neck area; therefore a face/neck lift might be the best treatment option. We will examine all of your options and concerns during a detailed consultation. All of my surgical patients meet with me one on one, so that I can accurately understand their goals and provide them with a treatment plan that leaves them looking and feeling their best!

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Cheek Lift (Mid Face Lift) Procedure

An endoscopic cheek lift can be performed to lift the tissue and muscle upward and relocate the fat pads in the cheeks. Before surgery, you will be sedated and made comfortable. Next, I will create a tiny and well hidden incision around the top of the ear following the hairline. A suture is then connected to the muscle to pull, tone and tighten underlying tissue and skin onto the temple area. The advantages of having an endoscopic and less invasive procedure include less downtime and a small surgical scar, not easily visible.

High Smas Face Lift vs. Cheek Lift

It is important to understand the limitations of cheek lift surgery and fully appreciate what it can and cannot do. Cheek lift surgery often does not impact the lower 2/3rds of the face. As noted earlier, many patients seeking renewal in the mid face will also require rejuvenation in the lower face. In this case, a High SMAS Face Lift is often the best procedure needed to correct facial laxity and correct droopiness in the lower and mid face region. The High Smas Face Lift involves a sophisticated technique in which the platysma and smas are elevated to tighten and firm tissue and skin. Focusing on both the mid and lower face will result in a more balanced and natural looking result.

To further enhance your cosmetic appearance, a cheek lift may be combined with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty surgery, facial implants or facial liposuction. The recovery time needed after cheek lift surgery is usually about 2 weeks, but allow more time if multiple surgeries are performed. Prior to surgery, it is best to refrain from smoking, be in good physical and emotional health and follow all pre and post op instructions in order to heal properly.

What is the cost of a Cheek Lift in Pittsburgh?

The cost of cheek lift surgery typically varies due to the physician’s experience and the region they are located in. Each case will differ due to the amount of work that needs to be performed to achieve a desirable outcome. The price of a cheek lift ranges from $5,000 to $9,000 in Pittsburgh. During your consultation with Dr. Leong and his team, an individualized plan will be created and the cost will be determined. The cost will include all anesthesia, facility, and professional fees.

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