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Dr. Paul Leong is an acclaimed, board-certified plastic surgeon who has truly impressive skills with injectable treatments. His approach is conservative, and you do not need to worry about an overfilled look that gives you an unnatural, “worked on” look. His delicate, precise injection technique produces a remarkably natural look. He uses an array of fillers and neuromodulators and selects the most effective injectable for the area of the face.

You deserve honesty, transparency, and results of the highest quality

Dr. Leong focuses on performing limited surgical and non-surgical procedures, all of the highest quality. You may be considering eye surgery to create a more youthful look, but Dr. Leong may, after evaluating your eyes, advise you to undergo an injectable treatment, rather than surgery. As the condition progresses, at a future time, he may advise you to undergo eyelid surgery -- but only when the time is right.

Every member of the professional team at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery is committed to transparency, honesty, and guiding you to a procedure, whether injectables or another approach, that will achieve superior results– with no ulterior motives.

Dermal Fillers Pittsburgh

Belotero Balance®

Belotero Balance is among the softest and smoothest of all dermal fillers. It is perfect for very fine lines, as it can be successfully injected into the most superficial layers of the skin. A problem that can occur with some fillers, injected very superficially, is that the skin may appear slightly blue – not a problem with Belotero, which is why Dr. Leong may choose this filler for lip lines, to smooth visible tear troughs, or to add subtle facial volume.

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BOTOX is arguably the most popular injectable in the world. Millions of people rely on BOTOX injections to keep facial wrinkles at bay. It is of critical importance that the injections are placed accurately, and with the correct quantity of product. When the injections are performed with meticulous care, the result is very natural in appearance, not frozen. When under the care of Dr. Leong, you can be confident that your injections are being performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a delicate hand, a precise technique, and who is known for achieving superior outcomes.

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For some facial areas, Dysport may produce a better result than BOTOX. Every person reacts slightly differently to injectables, and some patients have better results with Dysport, as it is slightly different than BOTOX, in that it does not have certain trace proteins. The idea is to achieve a look that enhances your quality of life, and Dr. Leong is deeply committed to ensuring his patients are very pleased with the results of his work.

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At Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, we achieve beautiful results with Juvéderm fillers and use various fillers from their line. Each Juvéderm filler was developed to treat specific facial areas. The thickness of the gel determines the appropriate way to use the filler. For fine lines around the mouth, you don’t want a “puffy” look so a thinner gel, Volbella, may be appropriate. To add cheek volume, Voluma is thicker, and injected more deeply, creating a beautiful, subtle, lifting effect.

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Dermal Fillers Pittsburgh


Radiesse® was developed with a different approach. While it adds immediate volume, the tiny calcium-based microspheres trigger higher levels of collagen production for long-term firming effects. It is FDA-approved for hand rejuvenation and can leave aging hands looking fresh and youthful.

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Restylane may be selected to smooth lines and wrinkles. It was developed to be an exceptionally smooth, hyaluronic acid-based gel, very soft and flexible. Every filler in the line of products is slightly different, developed to treat specific facial areas. Dr. Leong is known as being a consummate artist with injectables and may choose a Restylane filler to enhance your look. It is FDA-approved for hand rejuvenation and can leave aging hands looking fresh and youthful.

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Dermal Fillers Pittsburgh


For a more comprehensive level of facial rejuvenation, Sculptra can restore facial volume. Sculptra works by triggering natural collagen production with ply-L-lactic acid. The results of treatment with Sculptra can be a long term improvement in skin quality and firmness.

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Sculptra® Butt Lift

A Sculptra butt lift is a safe, non-invasive way to augment the buttocks without resorting to surgery. Sculptra can beautifully restore a full, voluptuous aesthetic with no discomfort and no downtime.

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It is natural for the body to store fat, and unfortunately, for many people, it develops beneath the chin. Kybella is a groundbreaking injectable that melts away under-chin fat. If you are a good candidate for this treatment, you can expect to see the fatty zone beneath your chin slowly melting away in the weeks after your treatment.

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Dermal Fillers Pittsburgh

Revance RHA

Dr. Paul Leong is the first plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh to offer this groundbreaking HA filler to patients who want to smooth out and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles without the dreaded “frozen” expression.

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Important message to all of our patients

Dr. Leong and his team are happy to announce, we are open and seeing patients for all surgical and non-surgical consults. The summer surgery schedule is rapidly filling up. Please call or contact us today to schedule your consultation.

We are following all state and federal guidelines for your protection and safety, including but not limited to: wearing gloves and masks, providing hand sanitizer, frequent cleaning, wiping down and sanitizing of all contact surfaces. As well as will maintain all standard Social Distancing protocols. Patients should not come in if achy, feverish or coughing or COVID positive test for active infection.

We are still utilizing virtual consultations, including to obtain initial information about treatment plans for new and returning patients. Our goal is to find the best balance between being available to our patients and maximizing their safety.

Please call our office or select the “Video Consultations Tab” to schedule a video discussion.

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