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If you Google “Botox in Pittsburgh,” you’ll find many local providers of BOTOX® Cosmetic and other injectables like Dysport or dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.

These injectable products provide a fantastic non-surgical counter to facial aging. Injections and fillers are an effective means of correcting anything from hollowness and deep lines to wrinkles and folds.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate and revitalize damaged or aged skin, fillers and Botox® Cosmetic offer you a minimally invasive alternative to surgery. There is also a preventative benefit to these treatments. Dermal fillers and injections have been proven to slow the aging process by reducing the number of lines and wrinkles that form.

However, while injectables are temporary and generally lower-risk than going under the knife for a facelift or plastic surgery, having the wrong injectionist can be disastrous. Resulting in post-procedure complications like swelling and bruising and months of dissatisfaction.

We’ve all seen photos of some bad BOTOX®, right? The Beverly Hills housewives or Hollywood stars with those un-emotive frozen faces, uneven eyebrows, and droopy eyelids.

Nobody wants that.

This is why, if you want a good result, you still need to be selective when it comes to choosing where you go for fillers and injections in Pittsburgh.

The Mainstreaming of BOTOX® Cosmetic Presents Risks

Injections are now readily available everywhere you turn. You can get them at physician offices, the dentist, med spas, day spas, national franchise injection shops, and salons.

But, just because you can get BOTOX® Cosmetic at a local salon while waiting for your nails to dry after a mani-pedi doesn’t mean you should. Especially if the end result and look matters to you.

Here are a few reasons why Dr. Paul Leong and the staff at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery believe we’re the best choice in Pittsburgh for BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport, and dermal filler injections.

#1 – Training, Knowledge & Experience Matter

Pittsburgh Dermal Fillers and Botox Injections - Dr. Paul Leong | Sistine Plastic SurgeryDr. Leong is a facial specialist who is integrally involved in the care of any patient that walks through his door.

No “cosmetic physician” – for example, a primary care doctor, dermatologist, OB/GYN, dentist, or another type of specialist offering injections as an ancillary service – will understand the anatomy and muscles of the face quite like Dr. Leong does. The same holds true for a nurse injectionist at a medispa

Understand that while these treatments are safe and advertised as “minimally invasive” or “non-surgical,” they aren’t necessarily “risk free.” There’s significant risk involved when you opt to get these injections at a day spa, salon, or those in-home BOTOX® parties.

While most registered nurse injectors are well-trained and fully-competent, there are many injectors out there with very limited training. Even worse, they’re injecting patients without a physician or facial specialist present to oversee their work.

This type of injector doesn’t know facial anatomy or the nuances of each product like Dr. Leong and the team at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery do.

We also pass our knowledge onto you. When you entrust us with your face, you won’t be left in the dark as to what we’re doing or why we’re doing it. We thoroughly explain:

  • The type of injectable we’re injecting
  • Specific parts of the face we’re targeting
  • BOTOX® dosage being administered
  • Pros and cons of BOTOX®
  • Before & after care
  • Total cost of your treatment

#2 – You Don’t Want Cookie-Cutter BOTOX®

Many injectors have no deep understanding of facial anatomy and musculature. This often results in a one-size-fits-all injection technique from patient to patient and a cookie-cutter approach to BOTOX® injections.

Avoid Cookie Cutter Botox - Get customized injections at Sistine Plastic Surgery - Pittsburgh BotoxThe problem with this is no two faces are alike. There’s a changing variable from one face to another. One patient’s eyebrow could be lower, higher, or straighter than the last patient injected. Foreheads, facial shapes, and the severity of wrinkles and fines lines vary from person to person.

A “natural look” is the key to good BOTOX®. It can never be achieved if someone’s injection technique is the same from face to face.

As a double-certified specialist in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Leong has gained extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the human face and how it ages. He personally injects a large number of patients at his practice and oversees the work of his aestheticians and RN’s.

Dr. Leong is a facial cosmetic surgeon, which means he literally knows the human face inside and out. His BOTOX® injection technique is customized to accommodate the uniqueness of each face he touches. He fully understands each product’s mechanism of action, the particulars of proper dosing, and can eloquently explain the hows and whys of treatment.

You’re going to be much happier with the end result when you choose a highly specialized trained professional like Dr. Leong. The final result will be much softer and more natural looking. This is because he treats you as an individual and his expertise, artistic eye, and mastery of this highly technique-sensitive treatment cannot be matched.

#3 – A Plastic Surgeon Can Inject Botox or Recommend Another Treatment

Pittsburgh Botox or Plastic Surgery - Dr. Paul Leong at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery offers both

Typically med spas and other providers of BOTOX® Cosmetic have a very limited service menu. If you need something beyond wrinkle fillers, they’ll need to refer you elsewhere.

When you visit Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, both non-surgical and surgical options are on the table. Dr. Leong can objectively recommend the right non-surgical or surgical solution to your problem based on an examination and his vast knowledge of all available treatment options.

For instance, if you’re unhappy with the appearance of forehead wrinkles, both BOTOX® Cosmetic or a forehead lift surgery can help. Often times, one of these options might work better for one patient than another. Only a plastic surgeon like Dr. Leong can reliably determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for BOTOX® or if surgery would be best in your case.

By contrast, the typical medispa provider will always recommend BOTOX® because that’s all they can do.

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” – Abraham Maslow – American psychologist

Administering BOTOX® to a patient that needs a forehead lift will result in heavy eyelids and droopy brows. Not a good look.

A plastic surgeon like Dr. Leong has the knowledge and experience to make that important distinction as to whether a non-surgical treatment or surgery is best for you. This hybrid approach at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery ups the likelihood of you having a great outcome.

#4 – Dr. Leong Stays on Top of Cosmetic Treatment Trends

Dr. Leong travels the world lecturing at facial aesthetic conferences and continues to guide the scientific advancement of facial plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. He’s worked alongside some of the very best facial specialists in the world.

Pittsburgh Microcannulas - Sistine Plastic Surgery | Dr. Paul LeongWhen you choose Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery for dermal fillers or BOTOX® in Pittsburgh, you’re aligning yourself with someone at the forefront of cutting edge treatments. Someone who is aware of innovative treatments and emerging trends before everyone’s reading about them or seeing them discussed on Dr. Oz.

For example, the advanced use of blunt tip microcannulas (rather than sharp needles) to inject fillers have become standard practice at Sistine. As have the latest injection techniques that make you look refreshed rather than puffed up and unnatural.

#5 – Injections By Our Aesthetician or RN Can Lower BOTOX® Costs

When administered in the right environment, by or under the supervision of a facial specialist, injections are safe and highly-effective cosmetic treatments. However, despite being relatively cost-efficient, they aren’t in everyone’s budget. This has many people choosing to sacrifice environment, safety, and expertise to get a better bargain in a pursuit for affordable BOTOX®.

What they ultimately find is anything but a bargain. Their faces become test subjects to novices lacking proper training and technique. Bad technique and practice brings about unnecessary complications and a look they just aren’t happy with.

Pittsburgh Injectionists - Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery - Dr. Paul LeongDr. Leong has personally taught all of Sistine’s nurses and aestheticians everything he knows about BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal filler injections. They’ve performed countless injections under his watchful eye and supervision.

Their specialized training and scope of practice means you can trust them with your face just as much as Dr. Leong, all while lowering the cost of your BOTOX® or dermal filler treatment without sacrificing quality of work or safety.

If any patient who receives a treatment from one of Dr. Leong’s injectionists has a question or concern, he is always nearby to lend his expertise.

Furthermore, none of the aestheticians or nurse injectors at Dr. Leong’s practice are financially incentivized to treat you. There is no financial reward to suggest “just one more syringe”.

Think about that – it’s very important.

Dr. Leong and his team of nurse injectors always take the whole patient into account and strive to give you the best imaginable result – not push more treatment to make a little more money.

If you sense a very salesy atmosphere at local medispas and nationally franchised injections shops – now you know why.

Take Advantage of Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery Rewards Program

Finally, all patients at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, whether they are treated by Dr. Leong, or his nurse injectors and aestheticians, have access to the Sistine Rewards Program.

Everything you spend on non-surgical cosmetic treatments, aesthetician treatments, and non-ablative lasers and energy devices builds up Sistine loyalty points that can be applied to future surgical treatments or ablative laser treatments with Dr. Leong.

This program allows you to build up credit for future – potentially bigger – treatments tomorrow, while enjoying our outstanding non-surgical and aesthetician treatments today.

For more information about the Sistine Rewards Program, or to schedule an appointment for BOTOX® and Dysport injections or dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm , please contact Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery today.