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Ultherapy™ (from the Ulthera™ company) is a new cosmetic procedure that can lift and firm the skin and underlying tissues of the brow, face, and neck—often with immediately visible results.

Ultherapy™ uses safe ultrasound technology, the same tool trusted for decades to image pregnant mothers. Ultherapy™ is the only FDA approved energy-based device that has been cleared for non-invasive lifting.

How long does Ultherapy take to perform?

Ultherapy™ is truly a lunch-time procedure. This simple treatment requires about one hour for a full facial treatment and about 30 minutes for a partial facial treatment. Ultherapy™ patients can return immediately to work or any other activity, with no recovery time what-so-ever. Many cosmetic treatments (laser and otherwise) make this claim, but Ultherapy™ truly delivers, and there is no down-time.

What is the Ultherapy difference

Dr. Leong believes strongly that new technologies adopted into his practice must have clear evidence to support their safety and effectiveness. There are several other devices that have made similar claims about their ability to tighten and lift facial soft tissue. Dr. Leong has been skeptical of all previous devices that have made these claims. Indeed, many patients who have tried these older technologies to tighten and lift their facial tissues have been disappointed with their results. Ulthera™ can deliver outstanding results because the technology it uses is fundamentally different than these previous technologies.

Ulthera Ultherapy Pittsburgh

Instead of trying to drive heat down to the deeper facial tissues from the outside (as previous technologies do), Ultherapy™ delivers focused treatments directly to the deeper tissue without heating or damaging the skin. This allows for more effective lifting with no downtime.

In order to obtain an effective treatment, these older technologies would have to increase the energy of the treatment to the point that it would damage the skin – therefore, the results are often disappointing using the older devices.

We all look in the mirror as we get older and see things we don’t like. I did a fair amount of research and chose Dr. Paul Leong for Ultherapy treatments. He is a marvelous physician and such a personable conversationalist. The Ultherapy went so well, I scheduled several other treatments.

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The final word on the effectiveness of Ultherapy

Our experience with Ultherapy™ suggests that the absolute best results can be obtained if the person performing the treatment is deeply knowledgeable about the aesthetics and anatomy of the face. As explained below, Ultherapy™ achieves its effect by encouraging the formation of your own body’s collagen. Because the formation of new collagen with Ultherapy is what leads to facial tightening and improvement, the position of the Ultherapy device is of critical importance.

Ulthera Ultherapy Pittsburgh


What is Ultherapy™ by Ulthera®?

The Ulthera® System is the only energy-based treatment cleared by the FDA with the non-invasive lift indication. Ulthera® combines safe ultrasound imaging with focused ultrasound therapy to treat sagging facial skin and soft tissue.

How does Ultherapy™ work?

As with standard ultrasound – an applicator is placed against the skin and the deeper layers of the face are visualized. By visualizing the layers below the skin, we are able to precisely target the layer of facial tissue that will respond best to the treatment and provide the best lifting result.

The applicator is then used to deliver focused, tiny areas of heat to the deeper layers of the face. The soft tissue of the patient’s face responds to this heat energy by increasing the development of natural collagen, causing a gradual tightening and lifting.

Is Ultherapy™ painful?

The majority of patients experience very mild discomfort—less than what might be expected with laser hair removal. Most patients tolerate the procedure quite easily and without any pain medications. As with many cosmetic treatments, there is variability in how patients perceive discomfort, and some patients do report moderate pain. These patients can be treated with pain medication to ensure the procedure is well tolerated. There is generally no lingering discomfort after the procedure; patients leave the office feeling comfortable.

How much does Ultherapy™ cost at Dr. Leong's five Pittsburgh area offices?

Pricing for Ultherapy fluctuates from region to region. Because many of our patients have particular areas of concern, we will customize a plan that fits each patient’s needs. We not only offer ultherapy for the full face and neck but also for the brows, cheeks, under-eye area, and jawline. When assessing the price of ultherapy, patients can consider that the treatment provides much more dramatic and lasting results than many over-the-counter skin tightening products, making it cost-effective in the long run.

What realistic expectations can I expect from Ultherapy™? Can it replace the result of a facelift? Who is the best candidate for Ultherapy™?

Ultherapy™ is not meant to replace a facelift. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Leong performs many facelifts for patients with very significant sagging of facial, neck, and brow areas.

During your consultation, Dr. Leong or our registered nurse and medical aesthetician will very clearly outline what can realistically be expected from Ultherapy™, and even more importantly, what cannot be expected from Ultherapy™. Generally speaking, patients with mild to moderate sagging of neck, facial, and brow areas who do not want to experience the down-time and potential risks of a facelift are the best candidates for Ultherapy™.

Another good candidate for Ultherapy™ is a patient who has already had a facelift and has experienced some degree of recurrent facial sagging. Mild sagging of facial soft tissue in the years after a facelift does not mean the facelift has failed – this happens to some degree in all facelift patients, depending on genetics, sun exposure, smoking status, etc. However, Ultherapy™ can provide a great boost to the post-facelift patient with some recurrent sagging.

How long does an Ultherapy™ treatment take?

The treatment takes between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on which areas are targeted. No preparation is required, and there is no post-treatment care needed, other than the patient’s standard skin care regimen.

What can I expect after the Ulthera® treatment? How soon can I expect to see results?

Many patients note immediate improvement in the saggy skin and soft tissue of the face, neck, and brow – the degree to which this is seen varies from patient to patient. The standard treatment includes a brief break after treating one side of the face to permit the patient to appreciate the improvement in the treated side. The majority of patients note the improvement in the treated versus the untreated side immediately. The long-term benefit of the treatment gradually accumulates over the next six months.

Is there any down-time after the Ulthera® System treatment?

No, there is no down-time. The patient can expect to return immediately to their usual activities.

Do some patients require more than one Pittsburgh Ulthera® System treatment?

A minority of patients request more than one treatment, 80%-90% of patients require only one treatment.

How long can I expect Ultherapy™ results to last?

Clinical evidence shows that the results will last 12-18 months. However, longer-term experience with Ultherapy™ in Asia suggests that results might last three years or longer. The duration of results can vary depending on the individual patient’s genetics, whether they smoke, their lifetime exposure to the sun, and other factors.

Who will perform my Ultherapy™ treatment?

Both Dr. Leong and our registered nurse perform Ultherapy™ treatments. Pricing differs depending upon who you choose to receive treatments with.

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Dr. Paul Leong is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing exclusively in aesthetic facial plastic surgery. With an international reputation for the quality of his Ultherapy treatments, Dr. Leong’s practice has a regional scope, drawing patients from well beyond Pittsburgh. To better serve his patients in the region, Dr. Leong has expanded with an additional office in Morgantown, WV.


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