Lip Augmentation

lipsFull lips continue to be a sign of youth and beauty. As we age and our hormonal balance changes, lips become thinner, loose definition and begin to sag. Hyaluronic Fillers such as Restylane®, Juvederm® Ultra, Juvederm® Ultra Plus, and Perlane® provide an excellent non-surgical solution to shape and volumize thin, aging lips. More than a decade ago plastic surgeons often used collagen lip injections for augmentation. However, we found that collagen for lips tends to last a very short time, so today most plastic surgeons prefer the hyaluronic acid fillers. Lip fat transfer provides a more permanent option for full, voluptuous lips. When it comes to lip augmentation, my goal is to create full, soft, natural looking lips that are in proportion with the face. I certainly see some patients with bad lip injections come into my office. The most common issue with these patients is that too much filler has been injected, leading to excessive and artificial appearing lips. In order to make sure that the patient and I have a similar goal for how their lips will look, I often review a series of lip augmentation before and after pictures. I believe that if it doesn’t look natural, it doesn’t look good!

How long do lip injections last?

Since the mouth is an area that moves frequently, cosmetic lip fillers may not last as long as areas that are less mobile, like the nasolabial folds or the tear trough. You can expect filler lip treatment to last anywhere from approximately 3-5 months. Fat transferred into the lips lasts longer, but the cost and recovery period is also greater. Most patients enjoy the benefits of this procedure for approximately 3-6 years. However, some lip fat transfer patients experience much more rapid decline in their lip volume, which can be very disappointing.

How long does it take to inject filler in the lips?

Lip augmentation with cosmetic lip fillers is a relatively quick procedure, usually lasting only a few minutes. More involved cases can last up to 30 minutes.

Do Lip Augmentation Injections hurt?

Since the lips are a sensitive area, (due to many nerve endings) I often administer a dental block prior to treatment to numb the area. This consists of two injections to the upper lip and two to the lower lip. Most of my patients find that this greatly reduces discomfort and pain.

What can I expect after Lip Augmentation treatment?

Results are typically seen immediately after treatment. Swelling, bruising and redness may occur. This usually resolves in a few days. An ice pack can be applied on and off for several minutes to reduce swelling. The true results are usually seen in two weeks, after swelling has resolved.

Does Lip Augmentation require sedation or general anesthesia?

Sedation or even general anesthesia will only be used if you are having fat transfer injections in the hospital. During this procedure, I will use your own fat and transfer it directly into the lips.

Can both men and women have Lip Augmentation treatment?

Yes, both men and women can be good candidates for lip augmentation. The ideal candidate is someone who is looking to add volume and shape to slim, droopy lips.

What is the cost of Lip Augmentation in Pittsburgh?

Geographic location and the injector’s skill level are the primary factors when determining the cost of a lip augmentation. Generally, the average price for lip augmentation in Pittsburgh ranges from $450-$895. Pricing is also based off of how many syringes are needed for desired results. The Sistine Plastic Surgery team will evaluate each patient during their thorough consultation.

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