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Full, voluminous, and luscious lips add texture, vibrance, and beauty to your face. They transform your overall aesthetic perception, making you look and feel a lot more polished and confident. Until recently, lip enhancements could only be done with fillers or surgeries, but a new technique called “lip flip” promises stunning results with your favorite cosmetic injectable — Botox.

Dr. Paul Leong has an exceptional eye for aesthetics and overall facial harmony. He carefully examines your lips, discusses your cosmetic goals, and delivers a perfectly tailored lip flip treatment for patients in Pittsburgh, PA.

What is a lip flip?

The lip flip is an incredibly simple and quick procedure that involves a few Botox injections in strategically-chosen locations around your lips. The Botox is delivered into the Cupid’s bow, i.e., the middle of the upper lips and the corners of the mouth. It relaxes the muscles around the lips, making the upper lip flip upwards, giving the impression of fuller lips.

Botox is a neurotoxin modulator, a type of cosmetic injectable that blocks communications between certain targeted nerves and muscles, temporarily relaxing them. When injected into the corners of the lips, Botox relaxes the lip muscles, making the upper lip flip nicely upward and outward. The procedure also ensures your upper lips remain prominent when you smile.

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Am I a suitable candidate for a lip flip?

You’re a suitable candidate for a lip flip in Pittsburgh if you want the impression of fuller lips without fillers, to show more of your lips while smiling and make your smile appear less gummy. However, lip flips aren’t suitable for individuals seeking long-lasting or permanent results—the lip flip results last for several months, but not longer. A maintenance visit will prolong the lip flip.

What happens during a lip flip procedure?

Your lip flip procedure will start with a personal consultation with Dr. Leong. He carefully assesses your lips and discusses your cosmetic goals in order to curate the ideal treatment plan. Dr. Leong will then carefully inject the right doses of Botox into the target areas: Cupid’s bow, and the corners of the upper lips. The treatment concludes within about 10 minutes.

Why choose Dr. Leong for lip flip?

Dr. Leong is an incredibly talented facial plastic surgeon with a keen understanding of facial anatomy. Besides his surgical skills, he also has specialized experience with Botox injections. Combining his technical proficiency with an immaculate aesthetic sensibility allows him to deliver incredible cosmetic results that always look natural.

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