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Extraordinary results and total transparency: Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Paul Leong offers limited surgical and non-surgical procedures, all of extremely high quality. When a patient comes to him asking for a surgical procedure to rejuvenate their face, he takes a comprehensive approach. It may be possible to achieve a dramatic improvement in facial appearance without surgery, and if so, you can trust Dr. Leong to advise you honestly, and with total transparency. He works with patients to guide them to what he believes is the best option, with no ulterior motives.


A facelift, when performed with the most advanced techniques, will leave you looking younger, refreshed, and healthy – and like yourself. Dr. Paul Leong is a true master of the art of the modern facelift and is trusted by his patients to achieve a truly excellent result – fresh, firm, and natural, never pulled or odd.

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Surgical Cosmetic Procedures, Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery

Revision rhinoplasty

Unfortunately, not all nose surgeries turn out well. Rhinoplasty is arguably the most difficult of all facial surgeries, and not all surgeons have the necessary skills. Dr. Leong is well aware of this problem, as he is often called upon to “fix” a failed rhinoplasty, whether the primary surgery created an uneven look, failed to achieve the nose you wanted, or a more difficult problem, such as a collapse of the nose structure.

You can be confident that your revision will be in the hands of one of the most acclaimed plastic surgeons in the region. Dr. Leong is so dedicated to his patients that if the problem is minor, and can be corrected with fillers, he will offer you that option.

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Mini facelift

A mini facelift may be all that is needed for younger patients who are seeing the early signs of aging, with etched-in smile and frown lines, or loss of jawline definition. This surgery treats the mid-face region and has shorter incisions and faster recovery time.

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Your nose is a central feature, and when out of balance, will give you a look that you may not appreciate. A custom nose reshaping surgery, when performed by Dr. Paul Leong, will reshape your nose structure to be in harmony with your other facial features.

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Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a commonly-performed facial plastic surgery, but results vary. We have all seen celebrities, friends. or acquaintances that have had the surgery and were left looking wide-eyed and unnatural. You can be confident in the talented hands of Dr. Leong, a true perfectionist at the art of eyelid surgery. If you want to address deep tear troughs, Dr. Leong can advise you whether dermal filler injections will resolve your problem – he directs his patients to what he considers to be the best treatment, whether it is surgical or non-surgical.

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Surgical Cosmetic Procedures, Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery

Cheek lift (mid face lift)

Saggy cheeks do more than leave you looking droopy and old; they are one of the reasons you develop heavy jowls. A mid-face lift can repair this problem by tightening the underlying muscles and restoring the cheeks to a more youthful position, with the added benefit of smoothing the lower face.

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Forehead lift (brow lift)

If you inherited a heavy, drooping brow, or over time your forehead has become deeply lined and heavy, it makes you look older, tired, and even angry. A custom brow lift smooths lines and creases and subtly lifts the upper eyelids.

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Facial liposuction

Are you plagued by fatty areas on your face and neck? A double chin, excess fat on the upper neck, or excess fat anywhere on your face can make you look heavier and older. Our gentle facial liposuction technique can resculpt your look to be fresh and balanced.

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Neck lift/liposuction

Your neck appearance may be giving away your age, with lines, creases, and sagging skin, along with extra fat. A custom neck lift can restore youthful definition to your neck with liposuction to remove excess fat.

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Facial implants

Not everyone has been born with a beautifully sculpted facial structure or the perfectly balanced chin. With facial implants, your entire look can be enhanced. If you have a receding chin, weak chin, or small chin, implants can reshape your lower jaw to be balanced, enhancing your look. Cheek implants can address and flatter facial structure, bringing it a more refined appearance.

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Surgical Cosmetic Procedures, Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery

Fat transfer injections

If you have lost facial volume at cheeks, lips, or temples, you may be interested in a more natural way to restore your look. This procedure can offer longer lasting effects as fat transfer cells are there for the long term, for a very natural improvement in your overall look.

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Hair transplants

Losing your hair affects how you are perceived – and how you feel about yourself. Our advanced hair transplant techniques will move healthy, vital hair producing follicles to fill in thinning areas – in a random pattern, not the older “row by row” of “hair plugs.”

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Otoplasty (ear pinning)

Overly large, protruding, or misshapen ears can be embarrassing. If you (or your child) have this problem, or one or both ears did not form correctly, there is no better surgeon to see about ear surgery than Dr. Paul Leong.

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Earlobe Repair

Stretched, torn, or unsightly, large earlobes can be corrected with a custom earlobe repair surgery. The results will appear completely natural, even if the earlobe was torn or extensively stretched by gauged earrings.

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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Important message to all of our patients

Dr. Leong and his team are happy to announce, we are open and seeing patients for all surgical and non-surgical consults. The summer surgery schedule is rapidly filling up. Please call or contact us today to schedule your consultation.

We are following all state and federal guidelines for your protection and safety, including but not limited to: wearing gloves and masks, providing hand sanitizer, frequent cleaning, wiping down and sanitizing of all contact surfaces. As well as will maintain all standard Social Distancing protocols. Patients should not come in if achy, feverish or coughing or COVID positive test for active infection.

We are still utilizing virtual consultations, including to obtain initial information about treatment plans for new and returning patients. Our goal is to find the best balance between being available to our patients and maximizing their safety.

Please call our office or select the “Video Consultations Tab” to schedule a video discussion.

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