Revision Rhinoplasty

nonsurgical copyUnfortunately, due to the complexity of nasal surgery, I sometimes see patients that are not satisfied with the results of a Rhinoplasty performed by another surgeon. I understand that deciding to move forward with any surgical procedure can be a scary and difficult process so I feel sympathetic when a patient goes through the process and are not happy with the end result. Fortunately, I have years of experience performing Rhinoplasty revisions in order to correct surgeries that may have been “too aggressive” or “not aggressive” enough – leaving the patient feeling as though no improvements have been made. For this reason, it is crucial to have clear and effective communication with your surgeon so that he/she thoroughly understands what you are hoping to achieve and can provide you with realistic expectations and goals.

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Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

Revision Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed to effectively restore nasal form and repair breathing mechanisms or improve the cosmetic appearance of the nose. It is important to note that minor improvement may require a more extensive procedure than expected. Revision Rhinoplasty surgery is more complex, due to the formation of scar tissue from the previous nasal surgery. Therefore, revision surgery may take longer than your first Rhinoplasty procedure. Regarding the surgical approach, an open Rhinoplasty is frequently the best option (requires more incisions) but every nose is different and the approach will be determined on a case by case basis. The closed approach may efficiently and beautifully accomplish a good result. I recommend waiting at least one year after your initial Rhinoplasty surgery to ensure that swelling has resolved and the healing process is complete.

It is critical to find a surgeon that focuses specifically on the face to ensure that you are receiving care from a doctor who has extensive experience with the anatomy and structure of the nose. Few surgeons are highly specialized and qualified to perform Revision Rhinoplasty. After the disappointment after the first surgery, it is important to find a surgeon with whom you have clear communication and can easily and effectively articulate your goals with.

What is the cost of Revision Rhinoplasty in Pittsburgh?

Revision rhinoplasty pricing varies depending on the experience of the physician as well as the geographic region where the procedure is performed. In Pittsburgh, the cost of revision rhinoplasty surgery ranges from $7,000 to $15,500. After your detailed consultation with Dr. Leong, a customized plan and price will be determined based on the extent of surgery that needs to be performed to achieve optimal results. Price will vary from case to case based on each patient’s individual anatomy and goals.

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