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The Sistine difference: Transparency and superior results

It is difficult for an individual to be sure which facial procedure will produce the best results. At Sistine, we value our patients, and we never suggest a procedure unless it is the best option. We are not driven by any ulterior motives – we care only about achieving the highest quality results.

You may believe you should have a facelift, and you may be correct, but it may be that laser skin resurfacing, non-surgical facial skin tightening, and skin resurfacing, or the injection of dermal fillers or a combination may be the best option, for you. You can trust us to suggest treatments that will be the most effective for your current facial condition.


A facelift is the most comprehensive of all facial surgeries. It restores lift and firmness of skin quality, removes jowls and wrinkles, and restores sagging cheeks. When performed under the care of Dr. Leong, you can expect a very natural-looking result. The procedure, whether a traditional facelift or mini facelift, involves tightening or repositioning the underlying tissue. This allows for the most natural outcome – not pulled, tight or unusual in appearance. Dr. Leong is a perfectionist in performing this delicate surgery and is personally dedicated to creating the most appealing, natural outcome.

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Surgical Facial Procedures, Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery

Neck surgery

With age, the skin on the neck starts to weaken. It loses its youthful, firm quality, with wrinkles, lines, and sagging, and leaves the neck looking less attractive. Some people develop vertical neck bands. All of these aesthetic problems can be surgically resolved, restoring a firm, smooth, refined look to the neck by removing excess skin and fat and restoring jawline definition.

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Ear surgery

If you are unhappy with the look of your ears and are considering ear surgery, you must choose a facial specialist if you want superior results. Ear surgery, or otoplasty, can resolve ears that protrude, are shell-shaped due to lack of a natural fold, or are uneven in size or shape. It can also treat overlarge or damaged earlobes.

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Eyelid surgery

As your skin ages, it loses its firm, flexible quality and begins to sag. Unfortunately, the eyelids may be one of the first areas affected by the loss of collagen and elastin. Sagging eyelids leave you looking older and can’t be hidden with cosmetics. You could be hesitant to undergo surgery, as you may have seen another with results that look unnatural or wide-eyed.

Dr. Leong uses meticulous care when performing eyelid surgery, and he is recognized for his ability to produce natural-looking results, whether performed on the upper lid or the lower lid. We offer alternatives for undereye surgery, including skin pinch surgery and the use of fillers to smooth tear troughs or resolve a sunken look.

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Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)

Your nose has a dramatic impact on your overall facial structure. When the structure draws too much attention, your entire facial look can be less attractive. Nose surgery can be performed to create a more balanced, refined structure. The procedure is always customized, as each person has unique issues to resolve, whether an overlarge, hanging, or bulbous nose tip, a hump on the nose bridge, flatter nose bridge, nose bridge too wide, crooked, or pinched-looking nose. Dr. Leong is among the most accomplished rhinoplasty surgeons practicing in the state and can perform both primary and revision rhinoplasty surgeries.

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Surgical Facial Procedures, Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery

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