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This 45- year old lady had concerns about her nose that she had wanted to fix for many years. From the frontal view, she was bothered by her wide nasal bridge and the large nasal tip that tilted to her right. From the lateral view, she didn't like that her tip drooped downwards, her small dorsal jump and that it was too projected away from her face.

Frontal (Smiling):

Her postoperative result at one shows a much more elegant frontal view with a refined nasal tip, no widening at her nasal bridge, and clear brow-tip aesthetic lines.

Left Oblique:

Left Lateral:

Her lateral view shows a much more feminine contour without the tip droop, no dorsal hump, and she has a nice supra-tip break. I'm so pleased I was able to achieve the goals this lovely and down-to-earth lady had set out for herself.

Left Lateral (Smiling)

Right Oblique

Right Lateral

Right Lateral (Smiling)

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