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The Benefits of Picture Morphing-Rhinoplasty Edition!

April 27, 2017

Morphing of photographs of your nose is an integral part of the consultation process and your pre-surgical office visits for your upcoming Rhinoplasty. Not only does it allow you to see how subtle changes can truly make a large difference in the aesthetic of your nose, but you can also visually see the numerous surgical options that are available to tweak the appearance of your nose.

If you’re the type of person who has a hard time visualizing what your ‘after’ look may in fact be, picture morphing helps eliminate a certain amount of guesswork for you. While we cannot guarantee the final surgical result will be identical to the morphed picture pre-surgery, it does give you a fair idea of what you can expect and look forward to after your healing process has taken place.

Picture morphing via our Canfield Vectra H1 is also a great tool because it helps to make communication between you and Dr. Leong easier. It can be hard to describe out loud an image that you ‘see’ in your head or what you think you may be looking for. With picture morphing you can easily and quickly look at a variety of aesthetic options and see your wishes played out on screen. This is extremely helpful in deciding what course of action will be taken during the actual surgery to get you as close to the result you’re looking for as possible.

Once the changes you think you might want are pictured morphed on screen, you and Dr. Leong will then determine if the change is still one that is desired. Picture morphing helps to establish a common goal that you Dr. Leong are working towards, which is crucial to ensuring your expectations are met during and after the surgery. Next time you’re in for your surgery consultation, please be sure to ask about picture morphing with our state of the art Canfield Vectra H1 and be sure to check out more information regarding our surgery process here at Sistine Plastic Surgery.  The same morphing technology can also be used to describe facelift and skin laser treatments – we’ll cover those topics in more detail in future blogs.

Call or email our Patient Care Coordinator at 412.621.3223 or to learn more and reserve your surgery consultation today!

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