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Are Subtle Changes Attainable During a Rhinoplasty?

November 15, 2017

Although some of our patients from Pittsburgh and beyond have been thinking about going under the knife for years, they fear if they proceed with surgery that everyone will know about it. This is generally not the case with an experienced surgeon and a well performed rhinoplasty.

A natural appearance should always be the goal in mind for the patient as well as the surgeon during cosmetic surgery. With that being said, subtle changes in rhinoplasty are typically more desirable than apparent changes, although, even dramatic alterations can be tailored to look more natural. It is very common that patients want to alter their nose while still preserving ethnic and familial characteristics. As Dr. Leong is fond of saying, if it doesn’t look natural, it doesn’t look good.

Most rhinoplasty patients are likely to have excessive swelling of the nose and potential bruising under the eyes for up to two weeks after the surgery. If one does not want to disclose their surgery information to others and can “hide out” during this time, then it is likely that their friends and family will be unable to pin point the exact aesthetic change that the patient has made.

Typically, patients who achieve natural and harmonious results with a nose that matches their face tend to be complimented on their overall appearance; did they change their hair style? or lose weight? maybe they just got a good night’s rest? Rhinoplasty resulting in a fabulous outcome without the ski slopes or too much uplifting should not call attention to the nose.

We often use our computer simulation, also known as picture morphing, to help our patients visualize what the changes they desire will look like. The ability to morph pictures helps to affirm that our patients as well as Dr. Leong are on the same page and wish to achieve the same surgery goals. Although Rhinoplasty is the most “morphed” procedure, we have the ability to use our computer simulator for dermal filler, botox, facelift, blepharoplasty, and many more.

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