Dr. Paul L. Leong, MD

It's Your Face, Trust it to a Specialist

Ethnicity and Aging

August 26, 2015

shutterstock_89228428We know that genes impact the process of aging, but how does your ethnicity and skin tone play a role in the aging process? There are similar characteristics and features associated with the same skin color and tone. Those with light skin color tend to have smaller pores, higher skin sensitivity, dryer skin, skin that turns red more easily, noticeable capillaries and more fine lines and wrinkles. Those with medium skin color have larger pores, deep wrinkles/less surface lines, oily/combination skin, acne prone skin, under eye puffiness and weathered, tired looking skin with age. Those with a dark skin tone tend to have more oily skin, larger pores, acne prone skin, less apparent lines and wrinkles, more facial hair and are more likely to have dark under eye circles. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Leong or our Registered Nurse and Medical Aesthetician to find out how your ethnicity plays a role and how you can slow the aging process!

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