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Patient 3



This Otoplasty patient from Pittsburgh had been bothered by her ears since she was a teenager. After researching her options she presented to my office for a consultation. After a detailed discussion, the patient and I agreed that she would be a terrific candidate for an Otoplasty repositioning procedure. Her frontal picture illustrates the nice and natural position of her ear post-operatively. The before picture demonstrates how protruding ear can be a distraction from the eyes and other parts of the face.


Right Lateral:

The right lateral view reveals an interesting detail. Please note the folding outward of the edge of the ear in the before picture. This is replaced in the after picture with an appropriate position for the ear much closer to the side of the head. The patient’s antihelical fold has been reconstructed through the use of Mustarde (named after a famous European surgeon) sutures. This technique results in a natural, smooth, and undulating shape to the ear. Her ear has no sharp edges or artificial details as was possible with older techniques.


Left Lateral

The left lateral view again demonstrates how the ear no longer pokes out toward you. Instead, it rests naturally against the side of the head.

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