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When Should I Start Getting Botox?

May 15, 2019

We get this question all the time. Regrettably, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. While you must be at least 18-years-old to get Botox injections, the decision as to when to begin is really all yours.

Women generally start Botox between the ages of 30 and 40. Men generally get Botox for the first time between the ages of 40 and 45.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not this is the right time to get Botox, here are a few things to consider.

Preventative Botox

Botox is its most effective as a preventative measure. Its best use is to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from developing as we age. When Botox is administered, it relaxes the muscle responsible for those lines. Once this muscle is relaxed, its overlying skin is as well. Cosmetically, this helps smooth out any existing lines or wrinkles. Preventatively, this keeps new lines and wrinkles from developing.

The average age to begin preventative Botox is somewhere in your mid-twenties. It should really be taken under consideration if you squint a lot or you have an expressive face. Many fine lines also seem to have a hereditary or genetic component. So, look around at your next family gathering. Are you seeing older relatives with “11’s”, which are two vertical lines over the nose? What about other “trouble areas” of the face that seem to “run in the family?”

There are many reasons people have premature wrinkles. If you fall under this category, the earlier you start Botox, the better – especially if you’d like to avoid getting those same fine lines and wrinkles a few years down the road.

“It’s rare that we see anyone under the age of 25 for Botox,” says Dr. Paul Leong – a Pittsburgh area cosmetic facial surgeon. “I just don’t feel it’s necessary from a cosmetic standpoint. That said, I treat everyone individually. If someone younger comes in, and he or she is predisposed to forehead lines, preventative Botox would be considered.”

There are several exceptions. For example, some patients use Botox to slim the jawline, sometimes referred to as masseter Botox. This procedure to diminish the jawline is highly popular among the Southeast Asian population more prone to masseter hypertrophy or “square-face syndrome.” It is also beneficial to those who grind their teeth or have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Masseter reduction or jawline slimming is a simple and effective procedure for anyone – at any age – that wants a slimmer or more feminine jawline.

Forehead Lines

Forehead lines and creases can be visible when we smile, frown, or whimsically raise an eyebrow, but then generally disappear once the face relaxes. However, if these lines start to stick around at rest – when you’re not being expressive – it might be time for Botox. For some people, this is in their mid-twenties. For others, these resting lines might not become a problem until they’re well into their thirties.

Skin Color & Sun Damage

Skin color and sun exposure/damage might also play into your decision to get Botox. Caucasians with sun damaged skin might benefit from Botox sooner rather than later. Especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun.

Comparatively, those with darker skin can put off Botox a few years. This is why many people with darker skin tones might hold off on Botox until they’re in their forties.

Schedule a Consultation

There’s no “magic age” to begin getting Botox treatments. It ultimately comes down to some of the factors we’ve outlined here and personal preferences. If you’re truly on the fence about getting Botox, and you’re in the Pittsburgh area, Dr. Paul Leong and the staff at Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery would be more than happy to meet you, listen to your individual goals, assess your skin’s condition, and talk to you about Botox.Contact us today.

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