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When is it Acceptable to Travel After a Rhinoplasty?

October 31, 2017

Even though undergoing surgery is a momentous time in one’s life, no one has time to completely stop everything; i.e. work, travel, being a parent, etc. For most, it can be difficult to find the right time to schedule a rhinoplasty surgery since there is social and some physical downtime involved.

Sistine Plastic Surgery traveling post opA common question that many patients in Pittsburgh ask is when can they plan a trip or vacation after their rhinoplasty. Although much of this information is based off the complexity of the surgery, Dr. Leong typically advises his patients that they are cleared to travel anywhere from 8 to 14 days post-surgery. Scheduled trips should have little to no effect on the patient’s healing process unless injury to the nose itself occurs.  When Dr. Leong’s patient travel from out of town for Rhinoplasty surgery, similar advice is given.  If at all possible, Dr. Leong prefers these patients to remain in town for around eight days.  Typically, at six to seven days, the cast on top of the nose and the stents inside the nose are removed.  After this point, the patient is free to travel home. Sistine Plastic Surgery working out after surgery

Patients can slowly start returning to normal activity about one week after surgery and after their cast is removed with the exception of exercise. Generally, exercise is not recommended until about 4 weeks post rhinoplasty surgery, however, it is still important for patients to listen to their body and suspend anything that doesn’t feel right.

For any additional questions on rhinoplasty, please contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators at 412-621-3223.



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