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Hollow Temples? There’s a Solution!

September 20, 2017

Do you notice facial wasting or hollowing of the temples with age? Loss of volume to the mid face, cheeks, and temples is not an unusual observation for 40 or 50-somethings. For others, hollow temples may be partly genetic and can be noted at a younger age.

Fortunately, Dr. Leong can inject Sculptra into the temples to restore volume and give patients a more youthful look. While hyaluronic acid based fillers (such as Restylane or Juvederm) can be used to volumize and contour the face, Sculptra, a collagen-stimulator, is sometimes more appealing to many of these patients due to its longevity. This specific treatment requires 3-4 vials in total which are to be spaced out every 6 weeks. As opposed to hyaluronic acid fillers, After the 3rd or 4th vial, patients can expect to see results for up to 2 years. In some cases, patients choose to come in just once a year for a maintenance dose.

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