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To Sneeze or Not to Sneeze after Rhinoplasty?

May 20, 2017

Before and/or after your Rhinoplasty Surgery, you may be finding yourself having some ‘silly’ sounding questions, such as, “is it okay if I have to sneeze or cough or blow my nose?” Here at Sistine Plastic Surgery, we’re happy to report that no question is ever silly, and in fact, this question we do get asked quite often, and it is most definitely important to address!

Although the sensation can be described as ‘annoying’, it is best to be very gentle on your nose in the weeks following a Rhinoplasty procedure. In addition to not blowing your nose right away, it’s also best to buffer the way you sneeze or cough to reduce the chance of any post-surgery unnecessary swelling and bleeding.

Even though sneezing and coughing usually can’t be stopped, they can be controlled to an extent-instead of sneezing through your nose or coughing with your mouth closed, in both instances try to remember to keep the mouth open during these involuntary actions.

Opening your mouth during a cough or a sneeze minimizes the pressure that would normally be going through your nasal passages if the mouth were to remain closed. Any amount of pressure in the nasal passages immediately following surgery can contribute to bleeding and more swelling, as previously mentioned. After about 2 weeks post-surgery, this is not so much as big of a deal as it is in the first 10 days following surgery.

Please keep in mind that post op instructions are often modified for each individual patient based on their specific needs and lifestyle, so if anything is of concern to you, always be sure to ask or mention it to Dr. Leong ahead of time and he will be glad to advise you on what you’ll need to do to ensure that the most successful healing process ensues.

Having more questions about what you can and cannot do following your Rhinoplasty surgery? Feel free to reach out to our Patient Care Coordinator by calling 412.621.3223 or emailing and we’ll be happy to assist!


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