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Expectations After Rhinoplasty Surgery

November 3, 2017

Rhinoplasty surgery is a very complex procedure and should be performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon. Every patient who wishes to undergo Rhinoplasty surgery has not only a unique anatomy but also individualized cosmetic goals. For that reason, the surgical approach has many elements and can differ slightly from case to case.

We often get asked at Sistine Plastic Surgery,

“How many aspects of my nose can I change?” or “What can I expect after my Rhinoplasty?”

Fortunately, patients are safely able to alter various aspects of the nose during just one single Rhinoplasty surgery. For example, Dr. Leong in Pittsburgh can modify the shape, size, length, tip, bridge width, dorsum, and other characteristics of the nose when he performs Rhinoplasty surgery. While there are limits to the degree of change that can be made, it is certainly possible to modify more than just one element of the nose. It is very important to both Dr. Leong and the patient to maintain a balanced, natural appearing nose post-operative.

Pittsburgh, PA Rhinoplasty Surgery Dr. Paul Leong MD, FACS
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