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Considering Rhinoplasty? We Offer Surgical and Non Surgical Options

September 15, 2017

Now days, it is nice to have options when it comes to cosmetic procedures to help contour our face. Some people prefer something more permanent while other people can’t stand the thought of going under the knife for something that is not medically necessary.

Everyone has a diverse genetic makeup and different shape to their nose. Some people are born with a flat nose, a bulbous tipped nose, an elongated nose, or even a bump in the middle of their nose. Although the cosmetic industry has come a long way with non surgical rhinoplasty, this option does not work for every type of nose. A non surgical rhinoplasty works by using dermal filler, preferably Restylane L, to fill in specific areas of the nose to produce a symmetrical result.

Dermal Filler can help smooth out a hump or help make a flat nose look higher with a better defined nasal bridge, however, it will not do much to improve a bulbous tip or a large nose. Filler can not make the nose look smaller but it can make it look more proportional.

Although many patients are thrilled with what non surgical rhinoplasty can do, results are only temporary. Sometimes non surgical rhinoplasty is a great way to see how one’s nose would look before they go down the surgical route. Filler in the nose can last approximately 8 months. Because of this, surgical rhinoplasty is still the gold standard for some.  Surgical rhinoplasty is still the only procedure that can change the bone, cartilage, or skin on the nose.

If you are interested in changing the shape of your nose permanently or temporarily, schedule your consultation with Dr. Leong today to see if you are a candidate for either procedure! See which one of our five Pittsburgh office locations is near you!

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