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While the natural aging process affects multiple areas of the body, we tend to become overly focused on the face. In reality, the ‘aged’ look that patients develop can largely be attributed to the neck region, which can be characterized by a lack of jawline definition or an overly ‘full’ look in the neck. These developments can be disconcerting for patients who want to look their best.

Thankfully, a deep plane neck lift in Morgantown can revitalize the neck region, taking years off of a patient’s look.

What is a deep plane neck lift?

A deep neck lift is a surgical treatment that works by firming and sculpting the neck’s contours. As the name implies, the procedure involves lifting the skin, muscle, fat, glands, and connective tissue of the neck and tightening the underlying musculature. This treatment achieves a tighter, more defined neck and jawline.

The primary difference between a deep plane neck lift and a traditional neck lift lies in the incisions. Unlike the traditional neck lift, which requires incisions around each ear, the deep plane neck lift only involves one incision beneath the chin. The surgeon uses this incision to reach the deep muscle layers and fibrous tissue of the neck, manipulating their positioning and revitalizing the contours of the neck.

With this procedure, the neck glands can also be treated by addressing issues in the neck’s underlying musculature. While this procedure can achieve fantastic results, it is not considered an ideal treatment for skin sagging of the lower facial region.

Who is an ideal candidate for a neck lift?

Ideal patients for a deep neck lift in Morgantown are those who are struggling with skin laxity and fullness around the neck but have retained good texture in the cheeks and jawline. Skin elasticity is one of the most important considerations for candidacy with this treatment.

Ideal candidates for this procedure are patients under 40 years of age who have naturally heavy necks but good skin elasticity. Patients over 40 years of age who are struggling with skin laxity should seek out a deep plane facelift, which is typically performed in tandem with a deep plane neck lift.

Beyond these considerations, patients should:

  • Be of sound body and mind
  • Be healthy, without any serious medical conditions
  • Be non-smokers, or willing to stop
  • Have skin laxity issues or a loss of definition in the jawline
  • Have a pragmatic outlook in regard to the results of the procedure
Deep Plane Neck Lift Morgantown

What are the benefits of a deep plane neck lift?

Our deep plane neck lift in Morgantown is known to provide various benefits to patients struggling with skin laxity in the neck, such as:

  • Reduces the appearance of submental fat (double chin effect)
  • Gives a better shape and definition to the jawline
  • Makes patients look better in open-collared shirts
  • Refines and revitalizes the neck’s contours
  • An effective treatment with minimal scarring
  • Achieves a more defined, well-contoured jawline
  • Patients get a boost in self-esteem

What does the procedure entail?

As with any surgical procedure, the first step is for patients to receive a consultation from their practitioner. During this meeting, everything from the patient’s skin issues to their medical history is assessed in great detail, allowing us to curate a treatment plan that will best address the patient’s needs.

Patients are put under general anesthesia to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the procedure. An incision 1 inch in length is made beneath the chin, ensuring that it is hidden from sight. This small incision serves as the access point from which the underlying muscles can be reached and repositioned. Both upper and lower layers of fat are removed from the neck, and the muscles are tightened.

The surgery is performed in about an hour, on average.

Deep Plane Neck Lift Morgantown

What is the recovery process like?

Following a deep plane neck lift, patients usually require about 1 to 2 weeks of recovery. During this time, it is vital that patients prioritize rest and relaxation, as the body is going through a healing process. Over-the-counter medications can treat any bruising and swelling, which are common but minor. Patients must remember to keep their heads elevated when going to sleep and avoid all strenuous tasks, such as heavy lifting.

Patients should wait at least 4 to 6 months before making judgments about the outcomes of the procedure, as it can take this long for the results to settle in. The scar below the chin will continue to fade out over the course of a year.

Paul Leong MD FACS

The Facial Specialist

Dr. Leong completed his medical degree at the Yale University School of Medicine. He then dedicated the next seven years honing his skills specifically in head, face, and neck surgery at the University of Pittsburgh—a university consistently ranked among the top five otolaryngology programs in the country. Dr. Leong continued to develop his surgical skills through a fellowship in Advanced Oncologic Surgery of the Head and Neck at the Pittsburgh Medical Center. This was followed by yet another fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Oregon Health Sciences University.

Why choose Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery?

At Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Leong provides Morgantown with some of the best cosmetic care available. Board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, Dr. Leong’s wealth of experience and training have given him the ability to help thousands of patients reach their aesthetic goals.

Dr. Leong prioritizes communication, giving his patients the opportunity to ask any questions regarding their treatment from the very beginning. Beyond that, he is deeply committed to cosmetic excellence and patient satisfaction. At Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, patients receive only the most innovative, personalized treatments available.

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