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Brow lift surgery is among the most effective tools on the market for revitalizing a tired, aged appearance. When the brow droops, the facial expression can appear fatigued, angry or depressed. This becomes a source of frustration for Morgantown WV patients who do everything they can to look and feel good, including dieting and exercising. With a brow lift, Dr. Leong can beautifully restore your self-image and self-confidence, creating a smooth, inviting countenance that lights up a room.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is performed using either a coronal approach with an incision that runs across the top of the head, or an endoscopic approach, using a small tubular camera. Dr. Leong will choose the right technique for your individual situation after an in depth physical evaluation at the time of your first meeting in Morgantown, WV.

All incisions are well-hidden either behind the ears or within the hairline, so your surgery will appear seamless and natural. The procedure can help restore a well-rested, pleasant facial appearance, while also ensuring your vision is unobstructed by a sagging brow.

What are the advantages of a surgical brow lift?

  • helps reduce forehead lines, worry lines and wrinkles
  • helps to minimize creases at the bridge of the nose
  • can help restore vision interrupted by sagging eyebrows
  • brightens the smile
  • improves the facial expression
  • helps combat the signs of aging
  • excellent complement to blepharoplasty or a facelift

Who makes the best candidate for a brow lift?

While aging tends to be the primary reason for seeking a brow lift in clients over 40, poor genes as well as exposure to the sun and the elements can play a role in diminishing the facial features in younger clients. A brow lift is ideal for those who cannot find relief through non-surgical injections and are in need of more dramatic changes. Surgery can be combined with a facelift to address both the upper and lower portions of the face for a truly uplifting and energizing makeover.

Dr. Leong requires that all patients undergoing surgery be non-smokers of sound mind and body, and that they have realistic expectations for what the procedure can accomplish. Dr. Leong will carefully review your goals with you during your private Morgantown WV consultation to ensure you will be happy with your outcome.

What will my recovery entail?

Thanks to Dr. Leong’s conservative approach, patients find that postoperative pain is minimized along with recovery time. Morgantown WV clients can expect to be able to return to their normal schedules within 2 weeks, sometimes less. Discomfort can usually be managed with Tylenol or in more severe cases, with prescription medications provided by Dr. Leong. Swelling, bruising and tenderness are all normal symptoms after any surgery, but rest assured these will subside slowly day by day. You will be able to use makeup to help hide any discoloration as you heal.

Why choose Dr. Leong in Morgantown WV?

Rigorously trained at Yale University School of Medicine, the University of Pittsburgh, and Oregon Health Sciences University, Dr. Leong is a consummate artist when it comes to Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, tailoring his approach to your unique aesthetic needs and wishes. Dr. Leong is in high demand for his natural, nuanced results which give patients the self-confidence and quality of life they always hoped for. He is passionate about anti-aging techniques, and gives back to his community through extensive teaching, speaking and writing engagements.

Clients in Morgantown WV and beyond have come to rely on Dr. Leong’s precision and eye for detail as well as his compassion. He takes ample time with each patient to listen and understand exactly what they are seeking in terms of improvement, and this is evidenced in his life-changing outcomes.

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