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When the earlobes are misshapen or have been injured or torn, it can be quite noticeable, causing anxiety and self-consciousness. After all, it is difficult to hide this area of the body. Earlobe repair with Dr. Leong in Morgantown WV can correct lobes that hang down too low, are too large, or have sustained damage due to a tear or jewelry, providing you with newfound satisfaction with your appearance.

What is earlobe repair?

Dr. Leong performs both earlobe repair and earlobe reduction for his Morgantown WV patients. With earlobe repair, he is able to combat damage due to the area by plugs, gauges or earrings that have stretched out the hole and left a gap. Plastic surgery on the earlobe can restore a natural, pristine appearance, setting you at ease about how you look.

With earlobe reduction, Dr. Leong can correct earlobes that may have been oversized from birth, or that may have grown elongated over time due to aging or gravity. He will excise excess skin and fat from the lobes, and place the stitches along the bottom of the ear where they are inconspicuous.

What are the benefits of earlobe repair?

  • Restore a pleasing appearance to the ears
  • Renew your ability to wear jewelry
  • Improve self-confidence and self-image
  • Easy, safe procedure with short recovery period
  • Natural-looking results

Who is a good candidate for the surgery?

Earlobe surgery can be efficient in treating:

  • Intentional earlobe stretching
  • Congenital conditions
  • Torn or damaged lobes
  • Asymmetrical lobes
  • Cleft ears

Clients undergoing surgery should be non-smokers in good mental and physical health who are realistic in their expectations for their results. Dr. Leong will meet with you in private during your Morgantown WV consultation to discuss your goals and will create a personalized action plan that meets your needs for improvement.

What will recovery entail?

Recovery tends to be swift and without incident, thanks to Dr. Leong’s conservative, precision-based techniques. The doctor will provide you with pain medications as well as a detailed aftercare plan that outlines showering, sleeping and exercising guidelines. Most patients return to their normal routine within several days. You will be able to pierce your ears again at around 60 days post-op.

Why choose Dr. Leong in Morgantown WV?

After completing rigorous training at the Yale University School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr. Leong embarked on a challenging fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Oregon Health Sciences University, positioning him as among the best choices for facial surgery in the Morgantown WV area and beyond. His results are always carefully curated to reflect the client’s wishes while appearing completely natural and seamless.

Dr. Leong sets patients of all ages at ease with a kind, considerate bedside manner and his ability to listen deeply to client concerns. Dr. Leong never rushes a consultation. Instead, he takes the time to perform a detailed physical evaluation, an in-depth medical review and a frank discussion about patient goals and expectations. With Dr. Leong, you are truly in capable, experienced and caring hands.

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Important message to all of our patients

Dr. Leong and his team are happy to announce, we are open and seeing patients for all surgical and non-surgical consults. The summer surgery schedule is rapidly filling up. Please call or contact us today to schedule your consultation.

We are following all state and federal guidelines for your protection and safety, including but not limited to: wearing gloves and masks, providing hand sanitizer, frequent cleaning, wiping down and sanitizing of all contact surfaces. As well as will maintain all standard Social Distancing protocols. Patients should not come in if achy, feverish or coughing or COVID positive test for active infection.

We are still utilizing virtual consultations, including to obtain initial information about treatment plans for new and returning patients. Our goal is to find the best balance between being available to our patients and maximizing their safety.

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