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Dr. Leong is passionate about offering his Morgantown WV clients the very latest in advanced technology and cutting edge equipment. But only when it truly serves his purpose of enhancing your beauty in a safe, proven way. Microcannulas are an exciting alternative to the traditional needles used to deliver dermal fillers in that they are extremely useful in reducing swelling, redness, tenderness and numbness.

What are microcannulas?

Microcannulas are a bold leap forward in cosmetic science, helping to reduce time, discomfort and bleeding. As an alternative to conventional injection needles, microcannulas can fill a whole lip, fold, jawline, temple area or hand region with just one or two punctures rather than dozens. Additionally, less filler is required when using a microcannula, so the treatment is more cost-effective. And there are even more benefits to using microcannulas! Originating in France, this technique can be used even without fillers to help stimulate collagen renewal.

How do microcannulas affect recovery?

The primary reason for using microcannulas is to help reduce recovery time by lowering the risk of bleeding, swelling, bruising, pain, trauma and damage to the skin. Since a microcannula uses a single entry point to the dermis, fillers can be applied in a far more precise manner, with smoother, more uniform results. Additionally, there is a side benefit of collagen production.

Why choose Dr. Leong in Morgantown WV?

Dr. Leong is known for exercising the utmost conservatism when it comes to facial procedures, because he understands that this is the path to a quick, painless recovery. His skill and experience, especially his innovative techniques using microcannulas, have earned him a reputation for excellence in the Morgantown WV area and beyond.

Dr. Leong’s training has prepared him for a career devoted exclusively to procedures for the face and neck, areas that require not only precision and detail, but also an inherent artistry. After graduating from the prestigious Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Leong went on to complete a demanding fellowship in Advanced Oncologic Surgery of the Head and Neck at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He then chose to further hone and fine tune his abilities with a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship at the Oregon Health Sciences University, a leader in the training field.

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