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Which Countries perform the most Plastic Surgery?

September 24, 2015

shutterstock_108739349Over the years, plastic surgery has become more popular and widely accepted. In the United States, it is difficult to end your day without seeing some type of advertisement or message emphasizing beauty. But are we the most obsessed with keeping up with our appearance? Information gathered by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2010 recognizes South Korea as the plastic surgery front runner. This may be attributed to the population of Asian people who are looking to “open up their eyes” and have more “American looking” features. Other countries that topped this list include: Greece, Italy, Brazil, Columbia, USA and Taiwan. The types of common surgical procedures in each country vary, but liposuction and breast augmentation appeared to be some of the most in demand. No matter what country you reside in, it is important to find someone who is well qualified and skilled to perform cosmetic treatments. We encourage our patients to do ample research before proceeding with any surgical or non-surgical treatment. Please call 412.621.3223 or e-mail us at info@sistineplasticsurgery.com for more information about Dr. Paul Leong and the services he has to offer.

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