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When to begin Botox Cosmetic?

August 12, 2015

shutterstock_131921447We have a wide array of patients that vary in age and all get Botox Cosmetic. But when is the “best time” to start Botox Cosmetic injections? This will vary for each patient, depending on their skin type and the amount of lines they have. Women with lighter skin complexions tend to form more lines and wrinkles compared to those with darker complexions. And of course, those who have not been taking care of their skin and following a good skin care regime tend to have more aging symptoms. The best time to start using Botox Cosmetic is when you start noticing the formation of bothersome lines and wrinkles. Typically most women will start considering treatment when their birthday ends in the number nine ex.) 29, 39, 49, right before their new milestone! But it is most beneficial to start Botox Cosmetic treatments when you begin noticing these lines and wrinkles to prevent more deep and pronounced lines. The longer you wait to treat aging symptoms, the more difficult it may be to correct it down the line. Call to schedule a Botox Cosmetic Consult/Treatment with Dr. Paul Leong today!

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