Dr. Paul L. Leong, MD

It's Your Face, Trust it to a Specialist

Selecting a Doctor

July 28, 2015

shutterstock_84309316Depending on your condition or concern, choosing a doctor can be a very challenging and critical decision. Approximately 200 patients from 2001-2002 being treated at the Mayo clinic, categorized the traits they felt were most important in selecting a doctor. These include a doctor who is confident, empathetic, compassionate, honest, respectful, detailed orientated and treats each patient like an individual. It is important to sit down and think about exactly what you are looking for in a doctor prior to your consultation. Common goals, feeling comfortable and excellent communication between the patient and doctor are vital in order to achieve great results. Please contact us at 412.621.FACE (3223) to schedule your consultation with Dr. Paul Leong!

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