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Kybella for Double Chin Treatment

June 12, 2015

shutterstock_55354480What is Kybella and what patients might benefit from this new innovation? Kybella is a recently FDA approved non-surgical treatment to dissolve excessive fat under the chin. It is a new tool that will help facial plastic surgeons address the dreaded “double chin” without surgery or liposuction. The active ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, dissolves the fat under the chin.

As with all plastic surgery treatments, appropriate patient selection is an important key to successful outcomes. It is very important to select a physician with in depth training in the anatomy of the neck to optimize outcomes and help avoid complications. Kybella should be available for clinical use in the United States later in 2015 and Dr. Paul Leong plans to offer this treatment to appropriate patients. Stay tuned!

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