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Patient 9

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This 34 year old lady from Pittsburgh was unhappy with a number of different aspects of her nose. She felt that her dorsum was high and didn’t like the small bump on the dorsum. She felt that the tip of her nose was bulbous. She was particularly unhappy with how the nose drooped, which became even worse when she smiled. She requested I reduce the height of her dorsum, give a nose a supratip break (minor upward tilt of nasal tip), remove the dorsal hump, refine the shape of her nasal tip, rotate the tip upward, and stop the tip from drooping when she smiled. he also felt that her dorsum was too high and requested a supratip break. A supratip break is a minor upward tilt of the nasal tip, which is common in Caucasian women. I discussed with her that in order to reduce the degree to which her tip droops when smiling, I would cut the depressor muscle (risks were discussed in detail). She is very pleased with her results and continues to heal nicely.

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