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Patient 3

This 52 year old woman from Pittsburgh was bothered by the “crooked” appearance of her nose and the height of her dorsum. She was interested in Rhinoplasty surgery to create a more symmetrical and refined nose.

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The frontal view shows the subtle improvement in her nasal tip with improved symmetry.


Left Oblique:

The delicate upturn of the nose enhances the profile of her nose and face.


Right Oblique:

This view illustrates how a natural appearing rhinoplasty result can change the appearance of the nose on the face. The lowered dorsum and less droopy tip are no longer a distraction on the face.


Left Lateral:

In this left lateral view, the nose appears less prominent which can enhance other facial features.


Right Lateral:

This post-rhinoplasty right lateral view shows the absence of a nasal hump and a raised nasal tip (the surgical term is that the nasal tip has been “rotated”). A rotated nasal tip relates to how the base of the nose is positioned relative to the upper lip and is a common, but not universal, request among female Caucasian patients. It’s important to discuss these subtle goals in detail during the consultation.


Basal View:

This basal view demonstrates improvement in the twisting of the base of the nose. It also demonstrates the virtual invisibility of the incision on the skin between the nostrils.

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