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Patient 4

This 51 year old lady from Pittsburgh came to see me regarding her sagging neck , cheeks and jowls. This patient fully recognized that her signs of aging were still fairly modest and that she didn’t really “have a turkey gobbler”. Her main goal was to reverse some of the early signs of aging that she was seeing in the early 50s and maintain the youth vibrancy that she associated with her look in the late 30s. Very often patients at this stage of aging state that they “still feel very young and energetic internally”, and that they and simply want to “look as good as they feel”. There has been a trend across facial plastic surgery in the last 15 years of proceeding with facelift surgery at a somewhat younger age. Having a facelift somewhat earlier in life is most suitable for the patient who doesn’t want to wait till there are more obvious signs of aging, or perhaps doesn’t want the change after surgery to be as obvious because there is more to do.

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This frontal image reveals smoother, younger looking skin. The contours of the face are more defined due to the tightening of skin and repositioning of the SMAS.


Left Oblique:

This viewpoint shows an improvement in the lower face and neck. Lines and wrinkles have been diminished without revealing that any work has been done. Her earlobe appears totally normal and it not stretched or changed in any other way – a frequent problem that arises if the incision around the ear is not performed correctly.


Right Oblique:

This vantage point not only shows the improvement in the neck, but also the tightening of the muscles and tissues in the jowl area.


Left Lateral:

A softer neck and jowl is apparent. It is important to note that the surgical scar is not visible and that the hairline has not been moved away from its natural position.


Right Lateral:

This angle reveals a reduction in the amount of wrinkles and lines on the neck, elimination of her early jowling, and improvement of her marionette lines (the lines that come down diagonally from the sides of her mouth).

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