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Patient 1

This 55 year old lady from Pittsburgh came into the office to address signs of aging, especially in the lower face and neck. She was unhappy with her sagging jowl, cheeks and neck. We discussed her expectations and agreed that a High SMAS Face and Neck Lift would be the best treatment option. The high SMAS facelift allows a very natural result the improvement not only in the neck and jowls, but also in the midface area. In my judgment a “miniface” type approach for this would have been inappropriate. These mini type facelifts, often presented as quicker (though the recovery is generally no faster), generally move the skin in an unnaturally vertical direction, resulting in a artificial appearance. This lady has sufficient aging in her neck to make a mini type approach incorrect.

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This frontal view reveals reduced facial lines and a smoother, more rejuvenated face and neck. After her recovery she expressed that she “once again looked the same way she felt.”


Left Oblique:

The skin on the face and neck appears more toned and rejuvenated.


Right Oblique:

This angle gives a great depiction on how much the jowl and neck area has improved. Neck bands (sometimes called platysmal bands) have been eliminated and hanging skin on the lower jowl is no longer visible. The youth and vigor of her face has been restored without any of tell-tale signs of having had a facelift.


Left Lateral:

Improvement in the cheeks and neck are evident in this photo due to the elevation of the SMAS and repositioning of skin and tissue.


Right Lateral:

From this viewpoint, you can see that the skin in the jowl and neck area has been tightened and appears smoother. Her marionette lines (the lines that come down diagonally from the corners of the mouth) are much improved.


Left Lateral Chin Tucked:

This view demonstrates a number of important points. As you can see, the jowls and neck tissue tends to fall forward and downward when the chin is tucked down. The face and neck lift has greatly improved her appearance, and particularly in this tucked position. Please also note that her incisions around the ear have healed very well and her hair line and sideburn has not been moved at all. Lastly, please note that I have not changed the angulation or shape of her ear. These small elements are all important in achieving a natural look and as undetectable scars as possible.

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