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Which Lift to Choose?

October 19, 2017

We understand that it can be confusing when trying to research which type of “lift” is best suited for you. Many people are thrown off and confused when they hear the various marketing terms such as:

• Vampire Facelift
• Biltmore Lift
• Quick Lift
• Lifestyle Lift

Numerous practices use marketing names that include their company name or a trademark name to promote their business and make the procedures sound exclusive.

Minus the marketing names, there are still several types of “lifts” to choose from: facelift, necklift, face and neck lift, mini lift, and non-surgical lift. When choosing the “lift” that is right for you, it is important to take into account factors such as cost, expectations, skin laxity, age, and areas of concern.

For younger patients that don’t have much excess skin and are looking for a “maintenance” treatment to keep their skin lifted and tightened, Ultherapy is a great non-surgical option. It is FDA-approved for lifting facial tissue. Ultherapy delivers focused treatments directly to the deep tissue without damaging or heating the skin. There is little to no downtime involved with this treatment.

For patients that have minimal sagging skin, a mini lift might be sufficient enough to achieve a desirable yet modest result. For many, the idea of a mini lift seems less invasive which sounds more enticing to most individuals, but if they have excessive skin, the outcome would not be comparable to a full facelift.

Necklift can be done as a standalone procedure, however, many patients see the best results when it is combined with a facelift. Surgeons typically perform these procedures simultaneously because the face and neck age uniformly and patients desiring a necklift frequently benefit from a facelift as well. A necklift will only address the neck; patients that have lines around their mouth and sagging jowls would not be a good candidate for an isolated necklift. In some cases, results can seem unbalanced if a patient only addresses the signs of an aging neck and not an aging face.

The only way to determine what type of lift is the most appropriate for each individual is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Leong in one of our five Pittsburgh locations.

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