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Wearing Eyeglasses After Face Lift Surgery

June 27, 2017

Although most patients don’t think of it beforehand, after Face lift surgery, we often get quickly called with a simple question- “Can I still wear my eyeglasses?” The answer is YES, of course! Wearing your eyeglasses after surgery is no problem at all…we do want you to be able to see after all! Even though wearing your eye glasses is perfectly fine to do, we still want you to practice caution though.

Other than possibly irritating the skin around the temples and the ears (close to your incision sites), there should be no other contra- indications to wearing your glasses post-surgery. The main concern is to simply be careful when putting the glasses on and then when taking the glasses off, to not disrupt the healing process and/or the placement of the sutures.

Please keep in mind that due to facial swelling, the glasses could potentially fit more snugly to your face, thus causing some irritation to the skin-but no major concerns are to be found by wearing the glasses themselves in regards to your healing process- this is simply more about your comfort level.

It’s good to note that if you can avoid wearing your glasses post-surgery for a full 24 hours, that is always ideal, but after that time frame, feel free to wear your glasses if there is no discomfort or irritation being caused to the face or to the site of the sutures.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to wear your glasses around your surgeon pre-surgery and even bring them to your first initial post op appointment. Dr. Leong can give his best recommendation as to where the glasses should and should not be resting near the placement of sutures. If there is any kind of concern with the heaviness or type of glasses you wear, Dr. Leong will be able to let you know right away.

Remember that here at Sistine Plastic Surgery, no question is ever silly, especially when it comes to your surgery healing process and potential results! Having more questions about post-op surgery care? Wanting to schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Leong and the staff here at Sistine Plastic Surgery? Call us at 412-621-3223 or email us at info@sistineplasticsurgery.com

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