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Splint Removal after Rhinoplasty

May 12, 2017

A lot of Rhinoplasty patients in Pittsburgh are not so concerned with how they will feel immediately following surgery, but rather with what it will feel like having the ‘dreaded’ splints removed post-surgery. Due to the tactics used when packing the nose in prior years, having packing or splints removed at that time brought with it a certain scary stigma-painful to say the least!

However, today it is a much difference experience, and patients of Dr. Paul Leong’s are happy to report that having any packing or splints removed is easy, quick, and unlike in the past, not scary at all! Often, patients actually experience a sense of relief once the internal and/or external splints have been removed. The whole process from start to finish should be fairly easy and painless. Of course, everyone’s perception of pain varies, but most patients don’t use the word pain or anything close to it when describing the sensations they experience from the splint removal. Patients will say they experience minor discomfort or a feeling of pressure at most, but keep in mind that any minor discomfort or pressure felt is immediately followed by a sense of relief, and any feeling of discomfort does not linger. In addition, keep in mind that the whole process of the splint removal is only a matter of seconds, so any mild discomfort that may be experienced is also over quite quickly!

If you feel particularly nervous about how you will cope with getting the splints removed, it’s always a good idea to mention this to Dr. Leong ahead of time. If he knows your concerns and/or anxieties, he can then better work with you during this process to make you feel at ease and as comfortable as possible.  This advice applies not just to our Rhinoplasty patients, but our Facelift, Blepharoplasty, and other surgical patients as well.  Dr. Leong and the whole team make the utmost effort for you to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the surgical process.

Find yourself having more questions about the splint removal process or more questions about Rhinoplasty in general? Don’t hesitate to give our Office Staff a call at 412.621.3223 or email us at info@sistineplasticsurgery.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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