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Expectations During and After Lip Filler Augmentations

May 11, 2017

Lip Filler Augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure that is completed in our Pittsburgh area outpatient offices to shape and add volume to the lips. We use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Restylane, Restylane Silk, and Juvederm to achieve fuller but natural-appearing lips that are proportionate to the patient’s face.

Patients are often curious or worried about the level of discomfort that they may feel during their lip injections. Rest assured that maintaining patient comfort is one of our top priorities. We prefer to administer a dental block prior to injecting which will numb the lips completely. We can also provide a numbing cream if the patient opts for a topical agent instead.

After ensuring that our patient is adequately numbed, we will begin the injection process. We only use microcannulas to inject fillers in our practice which can significantly reduce the chances of bruising, limit the amount of downtime or discomfort, and improve the cosmetic result. Lip augmentation is a relatively fast procedure and only requires a few minutes to complete.

After lip augmentation, patients should expect a mild to moderate amount of swelling to the lips as well as the area between the nose and top lip. This swelling can last anywhere from 1-2 days up to a few days. Patients will be sent home with an icepack to help reduce any swelling that may occur. Bruising and redness are also occasional side effects of lip augmentation but our use of microcannulas reduces this risk substantially.

Results are immediate with lip augmentation but should not be truly assessed until the swelling, bruising, or redness has resolved. This can take several days to one week.

For more information on lip augmentation or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Leong to discuss your options, please contact Sistine Plastic Surgery today.

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