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Raccoon Eyes? Get Rid of Those Dark Circles!

October 28, 2017

Are you annoyed with people asking, “what’s wrong?” or saying “you look tired”? Under eye hollowness and dark circles can make anyone look like they aren’t getting enough sleep at night!

Some people develop deep tear troughs at a young age due to genetics while others don’t develop these until later in life as their face loses volume at a more gradual rate. A great non-surgical solution to fill in this hollowness is by using a dermal filler such as Restylane L. Tear trough correction will help rejuvenate the depressions in this area and make you looked refreshed.

What about the raccoon eyes, you ask? When you have under eye hollows, the skin can appear darker due to shadowing. By filling in this area with dermal filler, it can help to improve the shadowing effect.

Fortunately, the longevity of filler in this area is very promising. Since we are unable to move this particular area of the face, injections can last anywhere from 12-16 months in the tear trough. Other areas, such as the lips or marionette lines, only last about 5-8 months.

And remember, Dr. Leong NEVER injects with needles; only microcannulas, which are safer, causes less bruises, and result in a better cosmetic outcome. Take a look at some before and after tear trough correction pictures!

If you want to look refreshed and correct that tear trough deformity, you need to schedule your consultation with Dr. Leong today! See which Pittsburgh location is closest to you!

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