Dr. Paul L. Leong, MD

It's Your Face, Trust it to a Specialist

The Consultation

August 15, 2016

Dr. Leong ConsultationHaving a consultation is one of the most important steps in selecting your provider as well as choosing a treatment path. Dr. Leong takes the time to have a proper consultation with each and every patient. In the consultation a facial examination will be completed, your questions will be answered, and Dr. Leong will provide his honest feedback in regards to what would be an appropriate treatment plan, and what result you can realistically expect. Even if you leave the consultation deciding that it’s not the right time for you to move forward with your cosmetic/surgical procedure, you will at least leave having all of your questions answered…and knowledge is power! Being well informed about the different cosmetic treatments as well as knowing what results you can expect will better help you to determine what services you’re comfortable moving forward with. Being well informed will also keep you feeling relaxed and will allow you to better enjoy the treatment process as well. It’s very obvious when you’re being rushed out the door by a provider or not being given undivided attention-you will never feel this way when you’re in Dr. Leong’s presence. He enjoys meeting and communicating with each and every patient. He is kind, caring, thorough, and it is determined to help each patient look and feel their best, from the inside-out. We’re looking forward to hearing from you…please call one of our Patient Care Coordinators today at 412.621.3223 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Leong! See you soon!

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