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BOTOX® on Men vs. BOTOX® on Women

May 1, 2019

According to data compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 7.23 million BOTOX® Cosmetic injections performed in 2017. This made BOTOX® the #1 minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that year.

This doesn’t surprise Pittsburgh cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Leong. “After 17 years, people are beginning to realize how time-tested, safe, and effective BOTOX® is,” he says, “Most people know someone who has gotten it. If they like what they see, they become more open to the idea of getting treatments themselves.”

Dr. Leong feels 2018 data will reveal a continued rise in BOTOX® procedures that should carry over into 2019. “I really don’t think BOTOX® will ever be eclipsed by other injectable procedures – it’s tremendously reliable and has helped so many people” he says.

One trend noticed at Dr. Leong’s Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery practice is more men are undergoing the procedure. “Male patients were once an anomaly but we’re now regularly seeing men at each of our locations. Guys today are more worried than ever about aging and their appearance. It’s become more acceptable for them to acknowledge it, and most importantly, DO SOMETHING about it. BOTOX® for men has surged these past few years because of this.”

But is BOTOX® on men done in the same way as BOTOX® for women? Are certain parts of the face more bothersome to men than women? Are there physiological and aesthetic differences between a man’s face and a woman’s? If so, is the injection technique the same?

Key Differences Between Male BOTOX® vs. BOTOX® for Women

Men Need More BOTOX® Than Women

Men will often require more units of BOTOX® than women. Generally, a man has more muscle mass in his forehead and brows than a woman. This means more product is needed for the ideal amount of relaxation and desired look. Clinical observations have also concluded that a bigger, stronger man requires more units per treatment than a smaller more slender-built man.

A Man’s Ideal Brow Shape is Different

The key to great natural looking BOTOX® is brow shape. BOTOX® injections rebalance the forehead and periocular muscles. When BOTOX® is done correctly, this shape and position of the eyebrows is improved. The finished result looks great and natural. When BOTOX® is done poorly with bad technique, the shape and position of the eyebrows is off. The finished result is a less than ideal look.

There’s a gentle arch to a woman’s brows. It should be visible just a few centimeters above the brow bone. There shouldn’t be much of an arch above a man’s brow bone. For a man, a straighter lower brow is the ideal look. Achieving this ideal brow shape – regardless of sex – all comes down to how well the injector administers BOTOX®.

Men and Women Have Specific but Differing Trouble Spots

Although men and women share the same facial parts, particular areas of the face bother men more than women. Men most commonly pursue BOTOX® to treat their crow’s feet, which are wrinkles etched to the corner of each eye. These are sometimes called laugh lines or smile lines because it’s when they’re most noticeable. The glabella is the most common trouble spot for women. These are vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. They are sometimes referred to as the “11’s.”

BOTOX® on Men Requires a More Precise Technique

According to Dr. Leong, “Many unqualified or inexperienced BOTOX® injectors apply the same technique to every patient. You need to be knowledgeable of the anatomy of the forehead and brow muscles when doing BOTOX® on a man. You must understand how they work together. An artistic eye and steady hand is also needed because men require a very precise injection technique. If the injector isn’t capable of putting the BOTOX® exactly where it needs to be, the result won’t be good at all.”

Men Often Have Higher Hairlines Than Women

BOTOX® injections vary slightly based on the patient’s hairline. A man with a shaved head will have a much higher hairline than a woman. A certain hairstyle might also necessitate extending the BOTOX® up onto the scalp for the most natural look.

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Physician

The most important takeaway, whether you’re a man or women, is to always choose a highly experienced and qualified physician for your BOTOX® injections. A doctor less familiar with the different nuances of the face won’t administer your BOTOX® injections properly. The wrong technique could leave you with a blank, frozen, or overfilled look.

If you’re looking for BOTOX® for men in the Pittsburgh area, Dr. Leong has successfully treated hundreds of male patients with BOTOX® and Dysport. His practice, Sistine Facial Plastic Surgery, is rapidly becoming a destination for men’s BOTOX® in the area. His expertise is highly sought after. Schedule a BOTOX® consultation today.

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