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The Best Time To Begin Laser Hair Removal

June 2, 2017

Two weeks ago, we discussed What To Expect After Your First Laser Hair Removal Session on the Sistine Plastic Surgery blog. This week we’re here to fill you in on when the best time of the year is to begin your Laser Hair Removal journey.

Most patients don’t realize that the time of year and the weather does, in fact, matter when it comes to choosing the “right time” to start their Laser Hair Reduction process. Typically, fall or winter months are optimal because sun exposure is usually less than both spring and summer months. Of course, the weather is dependent upon which part of the world you live in so the recommended time frames can vary from location to location.  Another factor is what part of the body you wanted to treat.  If your target is underarms or the bikini line the time of year doesn’t matter as much because these areas get limit sun exposure.  On the other hand, if your targeting facial hair or leg hair, avoiding the summer months is a good idea.

Here in Pittsburgh, we typically don’t see much sunshine from October or November up until March or April so we always suggest to our patients to focus with their sessions during that span of time. It is also important that patients avoid UV tanning beds and self-tanning lotions as well if they are interested in beginning Laser Hair Removal.  Keep in mind that optimal results are achieved by completing a total of 6 sessions with 4-8 weeks in between each session.

Ideal laser hair removal candidates are those with dark hair and light skin. The Palomar Starlux 500 can better target hair follicles if the skin is untanned and the hair is a noticeably darker shade.  The closer that the hair and skin are in color, the harder it is for the laser to zap what it is supposed to.  Laser Hair Removal results are not guaranteed or very effective for those who have blonde, grey, or red hair.

To learn more about Laser Hair Removal or to find out if you are a good candidate, call or email our Patient Care Coordinator today.

We are here to answer any questions you may have during the consultation process as well!


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